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SPN - Ep. 6.01 - Exile On Mainstreet Blahblahblahing

I haven't done this yet. I've been avoiding reading everyone else's until I wrote up my own thoughts. But now I want to read everyone else's -, my likes and dislikes on Supernatural episode 6.01 -

Off the top of my head, since I haven't re-watched it (what? /gasp/ Hey, it's not like it's The Song Remains The Same, which I re-watched at least bits and pieces of, like 7 times.) Anyway...

Like - They totally mocked Jensen for playing golf - which I mock him for on a regular basis, mostly because he and Jason insist on dressing like the Double Mint Twins at a country club.

Dislike - They did not have their standard season premiere opening music montage of Then/Now...thus re-affirming that we are, in fact, starting fresh here, people.

Like - They did do a lovely montage of Domesticated!Dean interspersed with Hunter!Dean and I loved it. Dean as Ben's dad, squee. And Dean in the kitchen, they move so well together, it's just...I'm sorry, Sammy. I know I said I would marry you, but I have to marry your brother now, k? Great.

Dislike - Dean was NOT driving The Impala!! And Sam was driving some pussy car that Jared can't even fit inside.

Like - I do really like Lisa. I'm not 100% that they are each others lobsters, but I think she made it clear that she was looking for something specific and though Dean may not be the perfect man, he is what she was looking for. And they are cute together.

Like - They didn't kill Lisa or Ben.

Dislike - It felt like they were jamming a lot of stuff in the first episode. They should have held off on some of that stuff. Namely, introducing all The Campbells...that could have waited, we had enough to tie up in the first episode, after all.

Like - Even if he was just a hallucination, GO FREDRIC LEHNE!

Like/Dislike - Dean had the best hug from his Grandpa - I mean, how sweet because Grandpa doesn't seem like the hugging kind of guy, except of course, when he is back from the dead and able to hug his grandson who visited him that one time through time travel with an Angel. But Dean and Sam's hug was lame, because, god lord, I know your trying to give Dean his "space" or whatever bullshit, Sam - but dude, Sam would have been itching from the get-go to be all up and huggy with Dean. While we're on hugs, Dean's desperate hug of Lisa and Ben when he couldn't find them, squee.

Dislike - Grandpa Skinner gets to come back from the dead, but, I don't know...WHAT ABOUT ADAM!!!???!!! I have been told to trust that Adam is on the board of things they will tie up eventually. I will try to trust that. I have acquired a big stupid crush on him over the summer, mostly I think, because I feel so bad for that poor kid and I want to make him sandwiches and then sex him up. <--isn't that what you do for someone who gets drawn into his estranged family's apocalyptic battle? Sandwiches and sexing?

Dislike - The Campbell Cousins are NOT the Mulvaneys. I'll come back to this in a different post.

Dislike - Bobby wouldn't keep something like that from Dean! They better give us a better explanation for this later on.

Like - Dean chose to stay with Lisa. I know this can't happen forever, eventually he has to leave them or we don't have a show, but dammit, doesn't Dean deserve some semblance of normal. (I mean, it's not like Sam can't come over for dinner and poker and BBQs, right?) But good lord, I didn't want them to kill Lisa and I didn't want Dean to just be like, "Sam's back, see ya, bye," so I am glad, even though I do want the boys back in the car together also. Dammit, I want everything!

Dislike but I was totally expecting it - Sam is a jackass-asshole-idiot. I knew he was going to just leave Dean to his domesticated lifestyle and not tell him, "Oh hi, not burning and being tortured in the fires of Hell, Dean. Enjoy your life, don't wake up with screaming nightmares, k? Great." I totally called it at the end of last season. Sam has this disconnect between how he felt when Dean was in Hell (Remember, Sam? You felt so bad that you started doing demon blood? Remember that?) and how Dean might be feeling with Sam in Hell. It's like he can't relate those two things to each other. Which is an asshole thing to do, leave Dean there in agony over what is happening to his baby brother in The Cage and just tralala because Sam thinks it's the right thing to do. Sam, for all that he is smart, is an idiot.

Dislike - I knew this was going to be true, but I really don't like having to wait one more fucking second for Misha to be back on my TV. I just don't.

This leaves me pretty much even on the likes/dislikes scale, which is kind of how I felt when I walked away from it - neither up nor down. Except of course - everybody looked damn good. Right? That's not just me, right? They looked especially good or did I just really, really miss their pretty faces?

So, to fix the whole "let's cram everything in the first episode" problem, which I feel was really the only major dislike I had - that there was too much going on - here's what I would have done.

Not introduced the rest of the family until second episode. Seriously.

It should have gone like this -

Dean is living his domesticated, semi-happy life. Then he starts hallucinating. He thinks YED is after him. He wakes up with Sam. Sam says Dean has been poisoned by a Djinn. Also, yes, he has been back for a year. Dean asks, "doing what?". Sam says hunting and then gets vague. Sam goes to help Dean with the Djinn. Sam mocks him for golfing. Dean mocks Sam's stupid car <--cuz he should have! Sam is on the phone with someone, Dean walks in, Sam hangs up all quick like. They kill the Djinns. Dean says he is staying with Lisa. Sam drives away. Dean goes inside his house with his family. And we end on Sam going inside wherever he is staying and we hear a voice say, "Get that all taken care of then, Sam?" and Sam says, "yes, sir." and then the camera swings around to Grandpa Skinner and he says, "Then we have work to do."

- And then we all scream, "Omg is that their grandpa? Isn't he dead? What is Sam doing with him? Is that who he was on the phone with? Why didn't he tell Dean? Why didn't anyone take their shirts off?! Where's all the naked zombie baby-eating?"

I think that about covers it.

Now I'm going to go make a post all about how THE CAMPBELLS ARE NOT THE MULVANEYS!!!!
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