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It's Gonna Be A Cosmic Collision In My Nethers.

OMG, I never post! What happened to my plans to post fic more often too? What do I do with all my time? Idek. Watch TV, probably.

Okay, so...anybody watch Extant? I thought about watching the first season because of Halle Berry. I mean, the plot didn't seem up my alley really - dark complicated alien conspiracy, not my bag. Yeah, I know I watched the XFiles, but I was more a Monster of the Week kind of girl, rather than the whole complex mythology, though the mythology eps did give us a lot of Krycek and Krycek is definitely my bag, hello. But anyways, Halle Berry was the woman, in my youth, that made me realize that I like the ladies too, so I really did consider watching Extant, but then...I didn't,

But this season Jeffrey Dean Morgan popped in my TiVo as being a regular on season 2 of Extant and I was like, okay, I need to watch that, so I Tivoed all of season 2 and have saved the eps. I saw JDM and Halle on a talk show together and the host asked like, What drew you to this show? And Halle gave a really nice answer about the plot and her character and stuff. And Jeff was just like, "They told me I'd get to make out with Halle Berry." And they both laughed and giggled and were super cute together. And so my brain was like, "Omg, okay, the woman I have fantasized about the most in my life and the man I have fantasized about the most in my life, together, making out, on my tv screen. Like I both need that in my life in a way that I can't even put into words, at the same time that I think it might actually be the death of me. Like, Idk if I can physically handle it." But I Tivoed it.

My intention was to get season 1 from Amazon and watch that and then watch the eps I Tivoed, but now I hear it's been canceled, so idk, maybe I don't want to invest myself in it if it'll leave me hanging at the end. Maybe I just want to watch the JDM parts of s2. Idk. So anybody watch Extant? Tell me - not how it ends or anything - but if it ends in a good spot, or a cliffhanger, or is it wrapped up at the end? Did they know they were getting canceled?

I guess the question is - should I invest my time in a full two seasons or just watch the JDM stuff? poisontaster, you watch all things JDM - how much should I invest in Extant? Anybody else?
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