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Fic: Galentine’s - Like That Amongst Friends - G, Arwen & Eowyn, Gen, Friendship

Another Galentine's Day fic! This one is for lindahoyland and the prompt, ‘How about Arwen and Eowyn supporting each other in their new lives?’. I thought this would be one of the hardest of the prompts, but it flowed so easily. Even better when I decided the letters between them should be in actual letter form! Something new I've never done before. 1,317 words of letters between Arwen and Eowyn. Enjoy, lovely lindahoyland!

Title: Galentine’s - Like That Amongst Friends
Author: dodger_sister
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Category: Friendship, General, Post-Series
Characters/Pairing: Arwen & Eowyn
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: For the book, I guess.
Summary: Arwen and Eowyn maintain a friendship through letters.
Word Count: 1,317 words.
Date Written: 02/07/16
Disclaimer: LotR belongs to JRR Tolkien and Co. I wrote this fic, for fun.
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: By the lovely, ceitfianna!
Author's Notes: For the prompt, ‘How about Arwen and Eowyn supporting each other in their new lives?’. I couldn’t figure how to maintain a friendship for them with so much physical distance between them. And then the idea of the letters came to me. And then the idea of doing the fic in actual letter form! I thought this would be the most challenging of the Galentine’s prompts, but the idea struck pretty fast and I love it!
Dedication: To lindahoyland, for Galentine’s Day! You are as lovely as these two ladies!

Dearest Lady Eowyn.

It has been a long winter here, as I know it has for you as well. Though the shadow of Mordor no longer looms at our gate, I fear it will still be many years before it no longer affects us. Our people are strong and hearty and, at any rate, I think spring will be here soon enough. How fares your young love? I never saw one look upon another as Faramir does upon you. It lightens my heart to think of it. I am sending some plants from my beloved home along to you, sent to me from my brothers. Among them are many roots and stems of the Lady Fern, which works wonderfully to cure the deep winter cough, as well as much catmint. Make some sweet teas with them that will warm you until the sun sheds her light upon us again.

May the Valar bless you,
Arwen Undómiel


My lovely friend, Queen Arwen.

My greatest thanks for the plants from Rivendell that you bestowed upon me. They did indeed warm me and my heart, though it needs very little warming, what with Faramir at my side. I greatly disagree with your supposition, that no one has ever looked upon another as he does to me. I have seen how the King looks upon you and I think you need no sun, what with that light of love gracing your face. My lady, the winter was long here as well. So many still suffer wounds, though the war has many months past. It is the wounds of the heart that I fear cannot be healed, though I go out among my people most every day and try to comfort them as I can. My ladies and I have been knitting heavy blankets to help keep the people warm, though more food for their bellies would help them just as well. I hope this year the farmlands grow back to their full amount, from where they were so callously and viciously burned through. Some days the strain is great to keep oneself in an uplifting mood for those around me, as I am sure you understand yourself. I have sent much wool along to you, so that you and your ladies might make similar blankets for the people of The White City.

With much love,
Lady Eowyn


Fairest Eowyn,

Spring has arrived! Oh!, how I missed the smell of life growing all around me! Every bit of the earth is seeping in through my skin and alighting my senses. It is a glorious morning here, with the sky a thousand colors and the sounds of people in the courtyard, children at play. Perhaps the shadow has truly fallen after all. I am planting my own garden today, with bits of seed from my beloved home and there has been much fuss from my ladies that I should let the garden-servants do the tending, but as I am sure you can guess, I shall not. I am so looking forward to digging into the soil, turning it over and over through my fingers. I will do this work myself and let no other, for this shall be my small plot of land, a bit of my home. I send to you many of the seeds, so that you may have a bit of my home as well.

I hope the sun is basking your face as we speak, dear friend.
Arwen Undómiel


Dearest Queen Arwen, my friend.

The seeds you sent me grow already! The richest and purest of scents surround me now. I still struggle hard each day to tend to the people and remind them that now is the time for growing, in our hearts as well as our fields. There was a new babe born yesterday and I went to the home to visit him. He was so tiny, but I could already see the man he would become. His mother cried when I held him. I told her that he was part of our new beginning, in this new world, that we help bring forth and give unto him. It filled me with such hope, I felt as if my feet barely touched the ground all the day long. But when I returned home, I found my under-skirt covered in the ash and dirt that surrounds us, and reminded myself that my work is far from done. Faramir, my love, says he shall be coming to see the King soon, but I fear there is too much to do here for me to come with him. I miss you, dearest friend.

Many cares to you.
Lady Eowyn


Dearest, sweetest Eowyn.

You were missed when Faramir made his trip here. He fusses, you know, that you are working yourself too hard, taking the weight of all your people, our people, upon your shoulders. And oh, how he missed you while you were apart. He scarcely talked of anything else. Which, naturally, caused a bit of jesting from my husband, though all in deepest affection. You see how men are when they get together, like children at play all over again. My garden grows great now, as does my city, my land, my people. But I dreamed last night of the seaside, of sailing over the sea. Elessar would be greatly distressed to think I dream of the trip into The West that I cannot make, but I do not. I dream only of the smell of salt, as I know the waters carry my people home and am glad for that, though I do confess to you a bit of longing as well.

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.
Arwen Undómiel


Dearest Arwen Undómiel, my queen.

I think you need a bit of travel, something that will indeed put the smell of sea-salt in your veins. Prince Imrahil has offered us to stay with him for a short while, that we may take the weight off our shoulders and bask in each other’s company. There is no time spent like that amongst friends, as they say. I look so forward to the feel of sand beneath my feet and the spray of salt water on my face. Not to mention, a change in scenery may do me good. I fear my beloved may be right, that I take the weight of it all on my shoulders and though I know that I bear a great responsibility and honor, a seaside trip may be just what I need. I do so hope you’ll join me! In fact, if I may be so bold, I demand it of you. Come, Lady, let us away!

I am your friend always.
Lady Eowyn


Dearest Elessar, my love for all my lives.

I am having the most wonderful time here. This was exactly what I needed and I am glad that both you and the Lady Eowyn were so demanding it to me, though I feel as though you were conspiring a bit against me! Still, it has been the most lovely of excursions and Prince Imrahil has been beyond a perfect host. I brought those seeds, as you suggested, and Eowyn and I have made him the most wonderful garden in thanks for his hospitality. Though I do wish to watch it grow, I know it may take a bit more time than we had planned to stay. As such, I write to inform you, my love, that though you expected to see my return as of next week, Eowyn and I have decided to stay until the end of the month, at the Prince’s insistence. Though you are more than missed, my dearest, it seems Lady Eowyn was correct when she said, there is no time spent like that spent amongst friends!

All of my love, I will see you soon.
Arwen Undómiel

The End
Tags: character - arwen evenstar, character - eowyn of rohan, fandom - lord of the rings, fic - friendship, fic - general, fic - post-series, fiction - mine, friends 4evah, rating - g, verse - gal-entine's, word count - 1001 to 3000, written - 2016

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