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Oh, What A Morning!

It was a crazy ass day! Sis woke me up at 6am to ask if I smelled something burning. It did smell a little weird in my room, but not like burning. I went to the kitchen and I didn't smell anything at all there. She wanted to stay home from work, thought something was wrong. I told her staying home from work because you smell something weird is a lame excuse for a sick day. So she goes. I go back to sleep. Hard. I'd taken a muscle relaxer the night before along with my regular sleepy meds because I felt so awful Sunday night and thought I was coming down with something, so I'm out hard.

Then apparently my sister is texting me all morning, wanting to know how it smells, if I'm okay, if there is a leak. I sleep through 9 texts and 3 phone calls, the last of which says she's sending my aunt over. Her imagination is running when I don't answer, thinking the gas has gotten us all. Aunt comes, wakes me up. I'm like, okay, I do smell something strange in my room, but still I wouldn't say 'burning'. Aunt is like, 'It hit me hard coming in the house.' So she calls Sis and Sis says she's coming home and then Aunt leaves to go to work. I go to go back to sleep, but after a few minutes I realize I feel really nauseous. I decide to go to the bathroom and get a Sprite and see if I feel better. I get to the toilet, sit down, start to try to go and suddenly I feel a cold flush, lightheaded, like I'm going down. I yank my pants up and rush back to my bed without peeing even. I think I am going to throw up and pass out and I start shaking like mad.

So I call Sis and tell her I don't feel right and she says call Aunt. So I call Aunt and she is like, I can't leave work, call Cousin. So I call Cousin and she is like, go open the front door and sit in that chair there and I'll be right over. So I get up, still shaking, and decide to check on the cats by throwing treats on the kitchen floor - don't knock my methods. 2 of the 4 come and then after a minute the third, but Pippin is too lazy and figures I'll bring him a treat - he's not wrong. I go find him, everyone seems okay, but I can really smell it now.

Cousin comes over - does a 20 minute drive in under 10 to get here - and takes me and the dog out to the garage, then herds the cats onto the sun porch and goes around opening all the windows. Consumers shows up to check it out and then Sis arrives home. I'm sitting on a couch in the garage - we just put it out there to wait for the charity to come get it this week, so lucky me, I had a couch to wait on. Consumers tells us there are no gas leaks or electric fires and says to call a furnace guy because they think something had crawled in our vents. Furnace guy comes for over two hours and works on cleaning our furnace and our vents, which he says had enough cat hair to make a cat in it. He doesn't find any one offending piece but says the furnace is dirty, severely clogged, needs new filters and honestly, needs to be replaced.

It didn't even cost $200 though, so that's good. And the house didn't burn down. No one died of gas inhalation. It's all good. The house still smells and we have to get a new furnace and I am pretty sure I have a UTI, but Sis didn't come home to find firemen carrying me out along with five dead animals, so she's calling today a win!
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