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Fic: Galentine’s - A Plan is Best, After All - G, Susan, Lucy, Tumnus, Family, Gen

More Galentine's fic! I fell of posting for a bit, but I still have 3 more of these to go after this, so expect more to come this month! This is the first Narnia fic I have written in, oh goodness, 15 years at the least, I believe. How I needed to go back there! ceitfianna, you know how very much I am Lucy and my sister is Susan, so you can imagine what a joy it was to write these two being 'sisters!' like this. And remember, like Narnia, no matter how far away you are, you remain in my heart! For ceitfianna's prompt Lucy and Susan-messy days,. 1,113 words. Enjoy!

Title: Galentine’s - A Plan is Best, After All
Author: dodger_sister
Fandom: The Chronicles Of Narnia
Category: Family, Friendship, General, Post-Series
Characters/Pairing: Susan, Lucy & Tumnus
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: The sisters try to find some time for each other, but it takes a loyal friend to help them find their way.
Word Count: 1,113 words.
Date Written: 02/24/2016
Disclaimer: Narnia is CS Lewis’ and Co, not mine. This fic is mine, for fun.
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: Nope.
Author's Notes: Part of my Galentine’s ’verse - for the prompt, Lucy and Susan-messy days. I cheated just a bit on the ‘female friendship’ theme by giving Tumnus such a big part to play in the plot, but it’s hard to write Lucy and not her Tumnus. This is the first Narnia fic I have written in, oh goodness, 15 years at the least, I believe. How I needed to go back there! It came so easy though, once I had the plot, because writing Narnia-fic is like going home again, and since I am so clearly a Lucy and my sister so clearly a Susan, it was just like writing about family and home.
Dedication: To ceitfianna, for Galentine’s Day! Like Narnia, no matter how far away you are, you remain in my heart!

“Oh, Lucy,” Susan said, as they exited the throne room together, leaving the boys behind to deal with more of the citizens who had turned up to talk about the excessive rainfall. The winters were never as long as they had been, but the springs seemed to last dreadfully long in Narnia, though Lucy supposed she didn’t mind all that much. Rain made the flowers grow, after all.

She waited expectantly for her sister to catch up to her, though Tumnus was waiting just off the wing for her as well, more royal business to attend to. There always seemed to be more.

“I was thinking we could take lunch together today,” Susan said. “I feel like we haven’t seen each other in ages.”

“Don’t be silly, we just spent the whole morning together,” Lucy said, though she knew exactly what her sister meant. She felt as if there had been a time when she and Susan had spent hours together, in a kitchen perhaps, though she didn’t recall when that could have been. The cooks would never have stood for them mucking about in the castle kitchens.

“I’d love that,” Lucy said, sincerely, though immediately her face fell. “But I can’t today. I have to ride with the centaurs. They have to show me the overflowing waters and their plans to help the river-folk deal with it.”

“Of course,” Susan said, like the good Queen she was. “Perhaps tomorrow then.”

“We’ll have honey cakes!” Lucy said in delight. “I’ll tell the kitchens to plan for it.”

“Well, a plan is best, after all,” Susan told her, half in jest and half in quite seriousness.

Lucy was smiling as she went off to meet the centaurs. It had been far too long since she’d seen her sister properly. But tomorrow would be such a lovely lunch.


The next day, sadly, Susan got called to meet with the Council of Animals, spearheaded, unsurprisingly, by Mrs. Beaver herself.

Lucy took the picnic lunch the kitchens had prepared for them and sat in the gardens, under her favorite tree, with Tumnus to keep her company. Eventually Edmund spotted them while out checking on the castle guards and came to snag three honey cakes for himself.

The next day, Lucy had the kitchens make extra honey cakes, just in case Edmund came along again, only then it was she who had to bow out of lunch, as her horse took a stumble while out riding and she refused to leave the mare’s side.

It went like this for six days.

One or the other of them had to cancel on lunch and dinner always seemed filled with guests and visitors of great importance and Lucy and Susan couldn’t seem to get a minute for themselves, let alone for each other.

On the sixth night, Lucy half stumbled to her room after a long day spent in studies - for a Queen always had more to learn - only to find Susan waiting patiently outside her bedchambers.

“Susan, what ever are you doing here so late?” Lucy asked.

“Mr. Tumnus sent for me. He said you required my assistance,” Susan told her. “Is everything alright?”

“Well, it’s lovely to see you, but I certainly didn’t send for you,” Lucy said, puzzled.

The guard to her room - Huebert, was his name, Lucy knew the names of all her attendants and most of the guards as well - opened the door and the girls stepped inside.

It was then that they discovered Tumnus’ plan.

For on Lucy’s balcony - the doors standing wide open to let the fresh smell of spring and growth into her bedroom - was laid out a magnificent picnic. A large blanket was spread on the floor there and several small candles were lit all around. And a feast, oh! what a feast, was laid out for them.

“Oh, goodness!” Lucy cried and ran to the balcony. “Susan, look, we are to have lunch together after all.”

“Mr. Tumnus is ever full of surprises, isn’t he?” Susan asked, though not without affection.

“I knew he was up to something!” Lucy said “He’s a terrible secret keeper,” and she laughed, like she hadn’t in far too long.

“Are those strawberries?” Susan asked. “This early in the year? How ever did he acquire them?”

“A faun of many talents, I am,” someone said from behind them and they both spun to see Tumnus standing in the doorway. “I expect you won’t be needing anything else tonight, my Queen?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh, Tumnus,” Lucy said and ran to fling herself at the faun, Susan joining them in an embrace.

“You are full of delightful surprises, Mr. Tumnus,” Susan told him with fondness.

“My Queens,” he said and bowed low, before leaving the room.

There were indeed strawberries waiting for them on the blanket. And meat pies and potato cakes and chocolate tarts and lemon drenched carrots. And, of course, honey cakes.

The moon was bright overhead and Susan and Lucy settled down to enjoy their meal.

“The stars are beautiful tonight, aren’t they?” Susan asked, as indeed they were.

“You simply glow under them,” Lucy told her. “If your many suitors could see you now.”

“Oh,” Susan said, “I should hope not. I am terribly bored with those who have thus far presented themselves to me. Especially those who dare to do so while I am in the middle of tending to my people. You’ll see soon enough,” she told Lucy.

“Oh, no,” Lucy said. “I’m going to marry a faun, I’ve got it all worked out.”

“A faun?” Susan cried. “You mean Mr. Tumnus? Lou, he’s a bit old for you.”

“All fauns are old, they live for years upon years, Susan. But no, not Tumnus, silly. One of his nephews perhaps. So I can be his family for real. And anyways, I do love fauns the best,” the last part was said in a conspiratorial whisper, like Queens weren’t meant to have favorites, though everyone knew they did.

“You’ve got it all worked out then, haven’t you?” Susan teased and Lucy just flashed her brightest smile.

“Of course I do. My sister always taught me that having a plan is best, after all.”

They both laughed at that, joy rippling out of them and drifting upwards, so those in the courtyard could hear the Queens of Narnia giggling with delight, the sound of their mirth rising up and up and joining the Narnian night sky above, the stars twinkling ever the brighter for it.

Queens, it seemed, would always be sisters first and foremost. And as it should be.

The End
Tags: character - lucy pevensie, character - susan pevensie, character - tumnus the faun, fandom - narnia, fic - family, fic - friendship, fic - general, fic - post-series, fiction - mine, friends 4evah, my girls, rating - g, verse - gal-entine's, word count - 1001 to 3000, written - 2016

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