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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I can't believe this weather. Just over a week ago it was 30 degrees out with snow and winter weather advisories. Now it's 75 degrees out and beautiful as everything. My sister spent the weekend putting down mulch on the areas of our backyard that don't ever grow any grass anyways. And then my brother came by to assess to start building our new back deck. We can go from our dining room onto our sun porch, then onto our open back deck. But our back deck is not a deck so much as a landing and it gets moss slick and water damaged and the steps are rickety, so it's no good. Plus, I can't actually get out onto it by myself because the step down is too big. I can get onto the sun porch, but how nice would it be to actually go sit outside and write? We can't really afford it, but we've been here 8 years and dammit, we want it! If we wait until we can afford it, we'll never do it!

Had to take these through the screen, but here is our backyard.

The mulch my sister laid down.

The rickety little back porch.

The beautiful sunshine and weather.

Anyways, we had Little Girl Cousin - she'll be twelve in June - over for a Girl's Night since she always bugs us when are we going to do that again. One time when she was about 5, we had her, me, Sis, BFF and Vet Tech Cousin over (and Zippo, the only girl cat we've had in this house, who LGC said was our special guest) for a sleepover and she declared it a Girl Party and now we have to do it at least twice a year for the last seven years apparently, lol! We played Clue, we did art (she's an unbelievable artist, seriously, she did a green & pink basket with two cats jumping into it, that were suppose to be my sister and me as cats with a rainbow behind it. I did a colored pencil drawing of a dragon, since I'm practicing my dragons so I can do a real serious painting of one for my collection). Then we played on the computer for a bit, ate hotdogs for dinner and watched The Journey of Natty Gann. I was about her age the first time I saw it and was already in love with John Cusack and I wanted to be a roughneck tomboy on the road all tough like, so Natty was my hero. There was this underlying thing about her I could never put my finger on until I rewatched it as an adult and was like, "Oh. Oh. I had a crush on Natty!" And I had a crush on Harry, so it was all very confusing, I am sure! LGC got very upset when the dad started taking the dangerous logging jobs, "Is the dad gonna die? Just tell me, okay? Is he?" lol

So that was my weekend. I am wiped out, but it was nice. How were all of your weekends?
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