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Wrapping Up April.

So, end of the month, I'm looking over my To Do List to see how well I did. About 40%, which is pretty good, considering how much I actually put on my list every month - way more than I can actually do.

Like, every week this month I organized my pills, organized the Tivo, went to physical therapy, commented on my Flist (usually keep the tabs open and do it all on Thursday now, but I read it every day), call my dad once a week, call my mom once a week. And I did five out of eight writing sessions, one of which was to finally, finally start the book The Nephew and I are writing together. After making him answer a bazillion questions, I finally wrote the first chapter, sent it to him to alpha read, got his notes, edited accordingly, discussed chapter two with him and am now ready to write more! I didn't, however, write any more on my grandma's book, so a chapter of that is next on my writing list, maybe as soon as I am done posting this.

I only posted like three times to LJ, which sucks and I only posted one fic to LJ, which sucks even more. I don't know why I have so much trouble getting off my ass and posting fic, damn. I only did one comment answer session on LJ, but it was a good one, 25 comments in all. I didn't do anything over on AO3 and I really need to pick that back up again. I did almost complete my photo transfer project of getting everything from my IPad to my desktop computer though, so that was good. I finished reading my first book of the year too (gotta make a post about that soon).

I trimmed up the dog real good to get him through until the warmer weather when he starts going to the groomer. His eyebrows and beard were ridiculous looking! I finished both the first half of Gotham’s current season and S2 of The Strain, which was outside of the shows I watch regularly every week. (I can’t wait for S3 of The Strain, damn when it is coming back?!) I only put my laundry away twice, but that wasn't my fault, Sis only folded the laundry twice! I also managed to call The Canadian Brother twice and email him a bunch. (I talk to Little Brother at least two times a week, but that's not on my list, he just calls that much. Stay-at-home parents are lonely, lol). I also picked my video game back up. I didn't beat the next level, but I got reacquainted with it, so I think I will beat the next level soon. My counselor told me to make sure I put some fun things on my list that are just for me.

Anyways, that's what I got done in April. Not too shabby, all things considered!
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