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PowerPuff Pets!

So there is this site where you can turn yourself into a PowerPuff girl - here. I saw it on vikingprincess's journal and it looked super fun, so I made some PowerPuff Dodgers, which I need to post here, they came out super cute. But then, every year on Mother's Day, I try to do something nice for my sister. She's not my mom, but she had a big hand in raising me and now she cares for me every day and I take it as an extra day each year to tell her 'thank you' , (besides Valentine's and her birthday and Christmas!). So this year I made PowerPuff Kids of what all of our pets would look like and turned them into little pictures for her, as her Mother's Day gift. I am so lucky they all agreed to have their 'photos taken' for their mommy!

Actually, oddly, this morning my sister walked into her room and saw this going on and got the first set of pics of all four of our babies together! It was a Mother's Day miracle!

In order, from left to right, Ripley, Pippin, Hiccup & Kirk.

So, by comparison, here is their Family Photo I 'took'. Whaddya think? How cute are they?

In order, from left to right, Hiccup, Kirk, Pippin & Ripley.

FP - Pippin.jpg

FP - Kirk.jpg

FP - Ripley.jpg

FP - Hiccup.jpg

And Bonus!Winston!

FP - Winston.jpg

So, that was her Mother's Day gift from me! I also made little e-cards/wallpapers out of these and had the 'kids sign them'. Those were a bit of a challenge because there was an actual background and I had to hand color over where Hiccup's leg used to be, lol. Anyways, I could hear Sis cackling like mad from her room when she opened her email, so that went over well. Hope your weekends were good, lovelies! Kisses to all the Moms on my Flist!
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