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Sisters And Spoons.

There is a little bit of time left in my timezone to call it June 15th. Those of you that were friends with my sister back in her LJ days - before she abandoned the internet for non-green, boring pastures - you probably still get reminders that June 15th is her birthday! Mom's nurse was out today and was all, "Oh, it's the other daughter's birthday, how old?" And I burst out laughing and said, "Too old to be answering that question."

So Saturday we did Chuck E Cheese, which was a birthday for The Nephew, Little Girl Cousin and Sister. Sis went to the kiddie section with The Niece, while BFF and I supervised the other two. LGC wanted to play jackpot wheels and roulette style games and I started cutting her off after three plays because that girl was gonna run though her tokens like woah. I told her she has a gambling problem. TN mostly wanted to play video games. They gave me two tokens each (how nice, lol, out of the $30 I spent on tokens for them!) to play skeeball. It got serious when I stood up from my wheelchair to throw better!

Then today I set the table on the new back deck (yay!) and it was a chore, because of steps down and trying to carry things and I had to ask Mom to help a few times. Plus, it was too hot out, but Sis really wanted to eat on the new deck. I ordered surprise dinner from Pizza Hut - chicken milan pasta and artichoke spinach dip - and set the table and she got to come home to that. Plus, she got one gift tonight - a new expansion to our card game, Smash Up - so she could have something to open. We ate outside and our cousin came after a bit to see the new deck and say 'happy birthday'. Then on Saturday she gets her real present, what she was asking me for for months - tickets to see the traveling Broadway show of Book of Mormon. She could never get tickets on her trips to NY, so now it has come to us, only about 30 minutes away, yay! So we will see the matinee of that on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to spend basically all day at the cardiologist, for a new patient appointment. I really hope they don't make me wear a heart monitor for weeks, that sucked before, very inconvenient. And Friday evening Sis is throwing a party for a co-worker who is leaving the office. I like the co-worker, he's cool, so I will attend at least for a little bit. But I don't wanna use all my spoons with the play the next day. (also I really know only like a couple of her co-workers, so...). And then Sunday is Father's Day. We're taking Dad a pizza from his favorite pizza place here in town that he hardly gets to since he stopped driving.

My energy bar will be down in the red, for sure, but all my work getting dinner set up tonight was totally worth it. Anything for my sister is worth it!
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