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Book Of Mormom.

Some of you asked for reviews on Book Of Mormon, so here it is! It Was Fantastic! Great music, incredible dancing, high energy, very funny and a wonderful message in it all. There was one tap dancing scene that blew my mind. And the leg kicks, omg! And the songs have been stuck in my head all week, after only having heard them the once, so that says something about the music.

Now I speak as a Cathnogstic - an agnostic who was raised Catholic - about the issues of faith here. Also my BFF is Mormon, and has a lot of love for her faith. She has some issues with the Mormon church, mostly their reluctance to come into the new millennium in regards to LGBTQA+ issues and women's issues, but the deeper meaning of her faith is important to her. So I was a little worried it would just be mocking a faith that I know means a lot to some people. Now to be fair, there was mocking. Mocking of some of the church's strictness, this idea that if you follow the rules to a tee, you will have this perfect blessed life, even if some of the rules don't make sense. And some mocking about the church's back-history on their prophet and this idea that you can't question it at all, even if it doesn't make sense. (which, to my understanding, is exactly the opposite of what Mormons are suppose to do, because one tenant of their faith is to keep growing and learning).

But - and here's where I really loved what they did with the play - the deeper idea of faith and bringing hope and belief and love of God to people was a huge point in the play. Where the main characters - Spoiler Alert - learn that maybe they don't need to follow the rules to a tee and maybe the backstory doesn't make complete sense, but what they are doing is spreading faith and faith brings hope and hope unites people and can make lives better. In the play, they are sent to Uganda, where they try to follow the church script, but in a place like that, it doesn't fit. How could it? How could Utah life fit Uganda? So eventually they learn to adjust and change the script, but still keep the deeper meaning. The church president, in the play, denounces their actions and belittles them, but they realize the deeper meaning of their faith and in that, find their true happiness.

Of course there are a few issues with the play. While I feel like they handle the racial and class issues well, there is still the idea of two white guys coming to a village in Africa and saving the day. As the audience, you have to really note how much the two white dudes are changed for the better because of it as well, but speaking as a middle class white woman, Idk how well these issues are handled, as it's really not my place to say. Also, it is Matt and Trey, the creators of South Park, behind this, so there is absolutely a song about the river of diarrhea and a dance number with fake giant penises, okay, but tbh, those were actually pretty hysterical.

But the deeper meaning here of faith and unison is amazing and the energy was just so high in this play, there was never a moment to breathe, it was just incredible. Most importantly, my sister loved it! She kept thanking me and saying how much fun it was and how glad she was we got to come. (She has wanted to see it for years, I am so glad I was able to take her!). I had a great time as well and honestly, I would love to see it again! 10/10 would recommend!
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