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So, we had The Niece and Nephew this weekend and The BFF came down to give them their Christmas presents. She spoils them, you know. Her nephews live in Australia, so she adopted our niblings years ago.

She got The Nephew - who is 10 ½ now - a remote control flying Millennium Falcon. IKR?! The ship itself is made from styrofoam, but it was still a big present for him. He got really good at flying it too. We let The Niece try flying it, but that was a mistake - she got it all the way up to the top of my bookcase and then knocked my Dr. Malcolm picture over and broke the frame. Oops. We also took it in my room to see what the lights looked like in the dark and we tried putting a Lego guy on top of it and it totally flew with him on there!

For The Niece - coming up on 4yrs soon - The BFF bought a six pack of My Little Ponies that are part of some aerial acrobatic flying team called The Wonderbolts. They were pretty awesome. One had a mohawk. The Niece and I were having so much fun playing with them that The Nephew asked to join in. Now keep in mind that very recently The Niece wanted to play with her superhero Barbies that I got her for her last birthday and my brother was like, “Honey, I don’t role-play very well. You need your aunt for that. Or go ask your brother.” And The Nephew was all, “I don’t want to play with Barbies.” (when he got gender roles in his life, idek.) And my brother was like, “Buddy, it’s just role-playing, like you do with your action figures.” So here was The Nephew now, asking to play My Little Ponies.

Eventually Barbies got in on it and Toad from my XMen figures and even Paratrooper Joe. Several of our ponies got their wings broken in ariel practice and had to quit the team, according to Dr. Pinkie Pie - (this was The Niece’s idea) - and we recruited Barbies to join us (this was me), but then they discovered hard lemonade and got kicked off the team for being drunk (The Nephew) and then there was lava on the ground (The Niece) and then Toad stole the Barbie car and started running over everyone (The Niece) and Cupcake graciously ran to get ice cream for everyone who was injured or laid up (Me) so one of the ponies purposely broke her ribs so she could lay around for weeks watching the TV the Barbies loaned us and getting free ice cream delivered (The Nephew).

The next day The Nephew asked to play XMen action figures and it went pretty much the same way. He asked his sister to play with us for the first time ever, for which I was very proud of him. She really got into it. At one point Scott Summers died and The Niece threw her Sabertooth guy down and started screaming-crying and I was like, “Baby, what’s the matter?!”. And she said, “No, my guy is sad. His friend is dead.” So, yeah.

It was a way busy, but fun weekend. Basically on Saturday they went Christmas shopping with my sister and to see Moana and then got presents and had that epic Pony play. Afterwards The Nephew told me, “This was kind of like the best day.” Awww.
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