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Get Out The Vote!

No, seriously, if you could all vote on this, it would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s what’s up: For awhile now, I have been working on some original books. One was requested by my grandmother - and sadly not finished before she passed - and is a collection of short stories about the pets we have had over the years. Who doesn’t love cute animal stories? The other is a collaboration with The Nephew, based on a brother-sister superhero team he created. For his book, he tells me how the chapter should go, I write it, send it to him, he makes the changes he wants and sends it back and on we go to the next chapter. I’m aiming for a June release for Grandma’s book and September for TN’s. These are all being self-published through Amazon and I’m looking into a printer that collaborates with Amazon, so you can either buy ebooks or printed versions.

At any rate, we are about to start promoting and marketing and first on the list is to set up a Facebook page. For that we need a name for our “publishing company”. We brainstormed a list of ideas, then we picked our two favorites. We also took input from The BFF and Sis. For your reference - and because you’ll know it if it you buy our books anyways! - our last name is “Weston”. This is why we use the word ‘west’ so much in the options. We have a ‘conference call’ scheduled for Saturday so we can make a final decision, but I told him I would put up a survey on my ‘writer’s group’ - he knows I have a disability blog and one for my stories and I wanted him to know it would be other writers voting. We will be taking The BFF, Sis and your choices into account when we make our decision.

And then I’ll pimp the Facebook page once it’s up and running. I have to get over my whole ‘stay anonymous on the internet’ thing if I want to properly promote this, as I won’t just be pimping it here, with you guys who I have known for so long, but over on my disability tumblr, where I have lots of followers to milk! Okay, here we go…

Poll #2065394 Publishing Name

What should we name our publishing company?

WestWord Books
Westbound Books
The Dream Writers

Vote away and thanks for the input!
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