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Why I Need A Neil Patrick Harris Icon...

First, I need a Neil Patrick Harris icon for when I have dreams like this -

In the dream, I am saving abused children by helping them runaway. Benji from "Reaper" showed up, only he was all young like when he was on "Boston Public". He helped me. Then we found some abused puppies and we saved them too. Then we found more abused puppies. And more runaway kids. (Sadly, at one point we had to leave some puppies behind because the Nazis were coming, idek, and I decided saving the children was more important.) Then we found a factory where all these people (in polo shirts and khakis because that is the official outfit of the worker-slave) were being forced to take care of cats that were going to end up being experimented on. I had enough of that bullshit. I can't save children AND puppies AND kittens.

So, then I saw Neil Patrick Harris there as a worker-slave and I hollered out to him, "Neil Patrick Harris!" and he hollers back, "Yes, ma'am?". I said, "It is time for our revolution!" and he stood up and said, "REVOLUTION!" and pumped his hand in the air. All the worker-slaves stood and started yelling, "Revolution!" and grabbing kitties.

When I turned around, Nathan Fillion was there and he smirked at me and said, "How did you know Neil Patrick Harris runs this place?"

To which I casually replied, "Don't be silly, Nathan. Neil Patrick Harris runs the world," and then sexy-bamf-walked away while the music swelled.

Then something about Christian Kane that I can't remember...and then I woke up.

That is my brain.

In Sim-News -

Yesterday, My Sister yells from across the hall, "Hey! Dodger-Sim is pregnant and in labor and riding her bicycle to the hospital!! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Later, I stuck my head in her room and asked, "Who is the father?"

She answered, "Shawn Spencer. He came to the hospital but then he got distracted by something and wandered off. Now you've had the baby and have come home from the hospital and Shawn hasn't even shown up to see his kid yet."

You know, this is why I could never actually marry or have kids with Shawn Spencer.

Hi, Shawn, I like to wander off when I get distracted by shiny things too. Except, I was pushing a living human being out of my body, so I couldn't really do that! Where are you?

Also - we named our baby Charlie. Yay for Charlie Spencer!



I have like 65 comments in my comment box. (Is that a lot? How many comments do you all usually have in your comment box?) Anyway, you're going to have to wait on replies from me because...I'M GOING TO CHICAGO CON!!! Well, right now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I'm off for Chicago. I'll be back on the interwebs around Tuesday-ish.

Y'all enjoy your weekend! And an early Happy Supernatural Day to you!
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