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06 July 2017 @ 09:27 pm
Quick question!  
I know one can - and I do - crosspost from DW to LJ, but is there a way to collect my tweets from Twitter and get them onto DW? I know people can do it from Twitter to LJ. I want to go from Twitter to DW and then from DW to LJ. Yes, I have turned into one of *those people* who wants everything connected. Except my Facebook. IRL people follow my Facebook and they must never know of my secret identity or the undignified double life I lead!

Ion, I am at the end of Day 12 of a 16 day influx of family. It started when The Nephew arrived to stay so he could go to daycamp (near Sis' work, so she did the dropping off/picking up) and then blew up when The Canadians arrived, plus a few extra kids over the holiday weekend - all 4 niblings plus Little Girl Cousin. Had a bonfire at vet-tech-cousin's to watch the fireworks from her front yard on the 3rd, 11 adults & 8 kids. Then the annual 4th cookout at my house - started 6 years ago with 15 people, this year we had 45 + 2 dogs, one of which was a 10-week old Dotson. And now we are down to me, Sis, TCBro, TCNephew & TCNiece, plus 4 cats and, for the night, the 10-week old Dotson puppy, that we are dog-sitting.

My life is madness, people!

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