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So I'm finally caught up SYTYCD and I saw who was their first elimination.

Now that person should not have even been in the bottom three, Nigel admits this. Like he said 'we were so surprised you were in the bottom three this week', in which case there's no way they should've been eliminated, right? I mean you're supposed to be voting on the last week's performances, that's what America voted on. So if the person was shockingly in the bottom three despite the fact the judges didn't think they should be, how are they eliminated? There were two people left and they said "Person A wasn't very strong last week but stronger this week, while Person B was really strong last week but wasn't strong this week". Well, you're supposed to vote on the last week's performances, which means Person A should be the one to go, not Person B!

You want to know what I think the problem was? I think Nigel voted against this person because Nigel has a problem with effeminate men. I remember once there was a male ballerina who auditioned and he did this beautiful, soft performance, just gorgeous, but it was maybe more the traditional women's role and he certainly didn't look like anybody who was going to be lifting women over his head and Nigel basically was like, "that wasn't masculine enough, male ballerinas have to be physically strong and you need to man up a little and come back." You know what, Nigel, fuck you, you're not secure in your masculinity, that's the problem. That ballerina had to have a lot of balls to go out on stage and dance a piece like that, more balls than you'll ever have, Nigel. Now I swear to God he voted against Person B because he was effeminate, which is bullshit because there was no reason why if you're voting on last week's performance that this guy should've been booted. I've learned a lot from Nigel about dance from listening to his critiques, he always points out the technical issues, but sometimes I swear to God, he is so old school that I just want to smack him and yell, "It's 2017, dude, let it go!"

While I'm here bitching about the show, can we talk about why Cyrus is still one of the All-Stars. How did Cyrus even make it to the finals, let alone be runner up? He rode on the coat-tails of mediocrity. When he was competing on the show, they dumbed down all of their choreography so that he could keep up. There were routines that were so much more technically difficult and those people get eliminated and Cyrus got to go on, because everybody curtailed choreography to him. Not in a way where they were like playing to his strengths, because they do that with everybody, no they were playing to his weaknesses. But this season, he's got a partner that I absolutely adore and she's the cutest thing and she's so talented and I really want to root for her, but if she stays, Cyrus stays and just, no.

Also, I would like to talk about the outfit Vanessa Hudgens was wearing this week. Like, girl, no OK because you're sitting behind a table so we can't see the lower half of the dress, so it just looks like you showed up in a bikini. Normally I want to steal every outfit you wear, but this week, I'm sorry I'm going to have to say it's a 'no' for me.

My 3 fav routines this week were Dassy & Fik-shun's Bollywood piece (throw in the swag Fik-shun!), Sydney & Paul's breakup piece (beautiful & moving) & Kiki & Jenna's Joker/Harley-esque piece (so fun!). Hey, how long has it been since I made a SYTYCD post?!

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