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Happy Halloween!

So I gave my sister very explicit instructions on what candy & how much to buy this year for Halloween. She never buys enough, but The BFF always comes through with backups, but since The BFF wasn't coming down this year, I was nervous. Sis did excellent on the type of candy tho! She didn't quite buy enough, had we had our usual turnout, but because it was 35 degrees outside, numbers were down & it ended up perfect. I insisted we give out 2 pieces per kid, because I wanted to be the "cool house", lol. I ended up being able to give out 2 per kid, plus 3 for every Spiderman who came by! I shut off the porch light at 7:50, with 10 minutes left in scheduled city trick-or-treating, and was left with one sandwich baggie full of candy for me. Not bad! Winston helped at first, but then he had to go to his room because he tried to follow some sweet princesses home - right out the front door & down the sidewalk with them! They brought him back for me, nice girls.

Here's Winston & I tonight, as Spidergirl & Spiderdog!

And me a few weekends ago, before we took all four niblings to the small zoo that was having a Boo At The Zoo event!

And Sis (the witch), Me, and Canadian Bro (eh, breaking my photo posting rule about asking permission, but he wouldn't care) as a dragon!


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