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A Moment In Time.

Just doing a very quick review of my 2017!

- Tronald Dump was elected president. (I refuse to use his name).
+ I started donating monthly to charities.
+ I hit 7 years sober.
+ I set up my Facebook page for my book career.
+ I finally got on Dreamwidth & Twitter & Facebook.
+ I got more active in politics, especially local politics and helped do my part for my little town to pass a non-discrimination ordinance for the LGBTQA+ community.
- Our foster brother passed away, after years of illness.
+ I completed writing on my first book ever! I've tried before, but never actually finished one, so this is a big deal.
- We lost our great-aunt Kate, the last of the family greats and the one I was the closest with.
- I haven't published my book yet. My lawyer is suppose to be finding out how to deal with the financials & I'm very unhappy with her lack of progress. I worry about losing my government insurance if this actually makes money, even though in the end, the money is all going to our local Humane Society.
- We lost a lot of celebrities I admired, like Burt Ward, Richard Hatch & Tom Petty, to name a few.
+ I went to Motor City Comic Con where I met some of the Freaks & Geeks stars, John Barrowman, Boomer from the original BSG and got to meet Sean Astin for the second time. (He was the first celebrity I ever met at the first con I ever went to in 2004). I also did my first official cosplay as BB8.
+ I got to spend almost 2 weeks with the Canadians this summer, longer than ever, as they came for a good visit.
+ I went to my first Pride festival and, as it happened, the first Pride festival my little town has ever had.
+ I did a 'professional' interview of an author, which I was pretty darn proud of.
+ I got to take all four of the niblings to the Boo at the Zoo for Halloween.
+ Star Wars. Thor.
- Politicians hate us all, if we're not rich assholes. We are saddled with a horrible tax bill & we lost net neutrality.
+ We got Hulu.
- My mom passed away after 2 years of sickness & a horrid two months of unbearable pain. I miss her every day.

And now, for a New Years favor. After Mom died, I just couldn't handle anything except what had to be done. My mind sort of shut off, understandably. And there was so much to do, with her memorial, burial, estate, house. By the time I hit my pillow with my IPad in hand at 9pm every night, I didn't have time for blogging. Or Friend's Lists. So I missed three months of what is going on in your guys' lives! And I want to know! I plan on doing a mass comment catch-up this weekend and getting back on a blog schedule come 2018. Because I miss this place and I miss you guys and I want to know what's up with you! So, if you would oblige me, PLEASE, and drop a link in the comments from each month - October, November, December - that I missed. Just one link from each, one post you made on your LJ/DW from those months, to let me know what has been going on with my friends. And if you don't have anything major from a month, then drop links to pics of your furry babies or fic recs. Just give me something to get me up to speed, ya'll! PLEASE.

And in case I'm not back here again before the end of the year...


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