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31 January 2018 @ 07:06 pm
Words Written In 2017!  
Here is 2017’s word counts. I’ll straight up say it - I miss writing fanfic. I had a lot of fun working on my book, but I miss fanfic, dammit. I did manage to finish my book this year, Book 1! I’m so relieved and excited to have finished it. As you may notice below, there are some months with no word counts or very little word counts. A lot of that was editing. And, of course, September & October were grieving and my mom gives me a hard pass on those months. So here is 2017...

5,150 words written in January!
6,300 words written in February!
11,550 words written in March!
8,400 words written in April!
16,550 words written in May!
0 words written in June.
500 words written in July!
200 words written in August!
0 words written in September.
0 words written in October.
500 words written in November!
1,800 words written in December!

50,950 words written in 2017!

Law & Order: SVU - 750 words.
Lord of the Rings - 1,100 words.
Star Wars - 4,050 words.

5,900 words of fanfic.

Original-Superhero - 1,800 words.
Original-Pet - 43,250 words.

45,050 words of originals.

Well, would you look at that - I passed 10k twice. My highest month was May - I passed 16k in May! My lowest month(s) were June, September & October. (My excuse for June was that The Canadians were here for 2 weeks and The Nephew was here for almost 3 weeks! I was beat, yo.) I only wrote 5,900 words of fanfic, how sad. But look at that word count for my original stuff - over 43k on Book 1! Now it’s time to get back to the superhero book I am writing with The Nephew. And now for the big end result…

50,950 words written in 2017!

My goal for 2017 was to hit 50k and I scraped by and did it!

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