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My Brother, The Fangirl.

The Canadian Brother has been watching Buffy for the first time. Well, he’d seen s1-3 but then stopped because, and I quote, “I didn’t wanna watch Buffy: The College Years.” But now he’s watching the whole thing from s1-7. So it’s been an hour tonight, where I’ve only made it 18 minutes into the show I’m trying to watch because my brother keeps texting me to talk about Buffy! Turns out his ex-wife has the kids this weekend & he’s just watching Buffy all night & texting me non-stop everything that’s happening. It’s adorable, you guys. I mean, he’s a 43 year old man watching a show initially aimed at teenage girls, alone on a Friday night, texting his baby sister to ask her, “What’s with Anya & bunnies tho?” So, a little sad, but also super adorable.

We were trying to debate our favorite eps and I know I have a top ten list somewhere, but I’m starting to think that “somewhere” is just in my head & I never wrote it down. Also he didn’t care for brooding mcbroodster Angel on Buffy (though apparently more than he did Riley, who he found really boring) so he’s refusing to watch Angel even though Sis & I have been trying to convince him that Angel is like way different on “Angel” than he was on Buffy. So much more rounded out. And still brooding, but also fun. Not so emotionally constipated. So just as I’m finally like, “I have to go, I haven’t even made it halfway through this episode because I keep stopping to talk about Buffy!” (there are so many worse problems in the world, lol) he is like, “ I'll make a deal with you for angel. You watch dirk gently s1 then I will watch angel s1.” Which is SO cheat! I tried the pilot of Dirk. Everything moved too fast, they talked too fast, I couldn’t understand what was happening and Dirk gave me a headache. He was too maniac. CBro knows this! And I know he will love Angel, but he’s so stubborn, omg. I may have replied, “Oh fuck you. Fine. I’ll watch maniac man who makes no sense, you asshole. You are gonna like Doyle hella more than I’m gonna like Dirk.” I guess we will see. Whether or not I like Dirk Gentley. I know he’s gonna like Angel!

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