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Hella've A Week.

I suppose we will start on Monday, when Sis texted me that there was a gas leak at her office, back in the warehouse. Junior Supervisor was in charge, so she did what the emergency card told her to do and called maintenance. Who said, “Yeah, we’ll check that out.” With no mention of when they’d check that out. And no instructions to evacuate the office. Junior did instruct all the warehouse workers to the front office, but like everyone else leaves the office at 4pm, which would have left Sis there alone. I was super uncomfortable and did not want her to get poisoned and her supervisor to just find her body on the office floor in the morning. But maintenance did fix the issue before 4, so it all ended up okay, but it was a very strange day at Sis’ office and I was a little on edge.

Then I got even more on edge, when nearly time for Sis to get home, she calls and immediately says, “I’m okay but…” Never words you want to hear. She’d been in an accident. She was going southbound and the other car was going northbound and a tire came shooting off their car and slammed into Sis’ driver side door. She said she saw it coming and went, “Oh no,” just as it was about to hit. Messed up the whole driver side, swear it looks like a tire tread going straight down the side of the car. The people who had been driving behind, seems the tire hit Sis’ door and went flying back and got stuck up under their under-carriage. Sis, those people and the people who lost their tire were all fine. The body shop waived our deductible and we got a rental from our insurance, but it is going to take like 3 weeks before we get our beloved Milano back (that’s what we call our car, after Peter Quill’s ship from Guardians of the Galaxy).

Then on Wednesday morning, Sis went and signed on the sale of Mom’s house. We accepted an offer 2 months ago - yes I said 2 months - and then had to keep doing work on it to meet the FHA loan requirements so the lady could actually buy the house. We had agreed to X amount of work in our offer agreement, but it went way past that and they kept having to have inspection after inspection. Also, I think we listed it way below it’s value. But we are done now. We got the check yesterday. We promised Mom we’d split it four ways with our brothers - and I’m glad to help them out because they’ve both had hard money stuff last year - but I also feel like Sis deserves a little extra just for the headache of selling it. It’s weird, I have been looking forward to being done with this, but now that it is, I am so sad. This was Mom’s one true home, the one place she ever lived in her entire life by herself - no parents, roommates, husband, kids - just her and the dog & cat. It was her home, not just her house. And I am overcome today, not with relief at the sale, but with sadness.

Then in the afternoon Wednesday, we went to my liver appointment and I ended up having to get a shot in the arm, which one reason I hate is because my body is so freaking tender and I end up having such horrid pain after. I couldn’t even lift my arm last night. Still really hurts today. Also, I have severe medical PTSD, especially surrounding shots, for reasons I’m not getting into right now, but trust me, I don’t do shots unless I have too. But I already have auto-immune hepatitis, and there is a nasty outbreak of Hep A right now in Michigan. And basically like, if I end up with 2 liver disorders, I die. I knew about the outbreak, knew my doctor was going to want me to get vaccinated. I didn’t know I would say ‘yes’. Surprised myself there. I did make Sis hold my hand though & did almost pass out & did have an anxiety spiral for the rest of the day. But I did it! I got the vaccine!

So, yep, hella’ve a week.

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