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Happiness Is Contagious!

I haven’t had a chance to talk about my cruise, as I’ve been so busy getting The Book finished. So close, you guys! But a friend asked about it and I thought I’d share what I told her and elaborate a little on one of my favorite parts of the cruise - the people.

There were 4,000 guests and 1,500 staff onboard. That could have made for a pretty crowded and loud cruise. But it didn’t feel that way. Well, like some places - the main kid pool for sure - were overwhelming at times. And there was a movie screen always running by the pool - yes, you could be in the pool having a swim and watch a Disney movie at the same time! So on top of the noise of screaming, splashing kids, there was also a very loud movie playing. We sat a few times and watched some of the movies while we ate, but for the most part, we spent our pool time in the ‘adults only’ section. There was also the night before Star Wars Day, where the staff were telling everyone, supposedly covertly, that the captain had felt a disturbance in the Force and was sure something would be happening in the lobby at 10pm. So we went to see and woah, all 4,000 guests were there to see what it was about. The balconies for like four floors up had people packed along them. It turned out our ship was being taken over by The Empire and Darth Vader showed up and Empire banners were unfurled. The crowd went nuts when Darth Vader came out. It was like being at a rock concert. But even that didn’t feel crowded. In fact, the people really were some of the best parts of the cruise.

I enjoyed watching the kids and families. I enjoyed the little ones, barely toddling, running up to hug Mickey and refusing to let go. And the costumes from the guests, looking at all of those, watching the kids' costume contest on Star Wars Day. And all the little ones dressed in cute Minnie outfits or wearing Mickey ears. One little guy, five years old maybe, was in full on regal captain attire and anxiously waiting for the official crew meet-&-greet so he could get the captain’s autograph.

One of my favorite parts of the cruise was being in the elevators - because the nicest kids were on this cruise, complimenting my outfits and asking what I'd done today and so, so eager to tell everyone where they'd been and what they'd done. The best conversations happened in the elevators! Which is weird for me, because in real life, I despise random strangers making conversation with me. And it happens All. The. Time. Especially in elevators. But here, in magical Disney Cruise Land, I enjoyed it.

And the adults were super eager to share about their day too! You'd strike up conversations in the pool and at the buffet, everywhere. We met a family straight away at the opening safety drill and everyday after that we'd run into them and we'd both stop to share how our day had been so far.

And the staff were just as friendly. And not because they had to be. Like they got to eat the food before dinner time started, so random staff in the hallways would ask where you were eating and be like, “Oh, you have to go for the salmon on the menu tonight. I had it and it was other-worldly.” They’ve all gotten to try all the things so like, an usher at the theatre was like, “This musical is good, but if you get a chance to go on the Disney Magic cruise ship, their Beauty & The Beast, like I’ve seen them all and that’s the best one.” I remember one staff asking if we were getting off at Saint Thomas and being like, “Oh, I don’t get to get off this time, but last cruise here, I was given the day off and it’s so beautiful there.” And another staff found out we were eating at the ‘adult’s only’ Italian restaurant and was like, “Oh, it was my birthday last week and I got to eat there for free and it was the most divine food I’ve ever had. I felt so special.”

Just…everyone, everywhere, enjoying themselves and the happiness was radiating off of them. I suppose they thought the same thing about us.

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