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13 May 2018 @ 04:34 pm
For You, Mom. Just Because.  
Today is a strange day for me. I wish I had gotten to Mom's grave, just to make it feel a little like *something*. But alas, it was too wet to be pushing my chair across the grass of a cemetery - not very accessible places, unfortunately. But in Mom's honor, I did want to post a little something. After I got my IPad - but before I got my IPencil and was still doodling with my finger - I went through a phase of drawing little tree doodles. One night, when I knew my mom had had a rough day, I doodled her a Cherry Blossom tree. She always had an affinity for them. I sent it to her and she said, "What's this for?" and I said, "For you. Just because.

Cherry Blossoms - dodger_sister.jpg
Mom's Cherry Blossoms - dodger_sister

Because that's how Mom taught us to be. It didn’t have to be a special occasion for her to bring you home something or bake you something or offer to help you with something - it just had to be that she was thinking of you. That's all. I joke a lot about the things I learned and inherited from my parents being the *naughty* things, but I know, they gave me a whole lot else. So on this day, I share with you - Mom’s cherry blossom tree.

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Shireboundshirebound on May 13th, 2018 09:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing this with us, sweet one. Your mom taught you something absolutely invaluable and wonderful.
lindahoyland: Ginger Boyslindahoyland on May 14th, 2018 12:03 am (UTC)