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Motor City Comic Con: Day One!

A few of my favs from Motor City Comic Con 2018 thus far. Sis said, “I always knew Rey & Supergirl we’re friends!” Negan had the voice down pat, “Well shit, Rick, I’m having a damn good time!” Was surreal just chatting in line with Pennywise - everything except the boots was handmade by this cosplayer, count me impressed.

Just let Groot chill while engulfing our heads with his hands! Sweetums may have been the coolest one I saw all day!

And Michael Rosenbaum enthusiastically yelled, “OMG, you’re the shit!” when he saw that I was dressed as Kaylee from Firefly & had decorated my wheelchair with a stuffed Serenity and a bunch of plastic toy tools. That made my day!







See you nerds tomorrow for Day 2!

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