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Literal 5min sketch, free hand, with nothing but a pencil & eraser. Sketching is not my strong suit, but this isn’t *terrible*, sorta. Making myself share it even though it’s not my strong suit, bc I fucking drew it. Like the face is weird, but the hair came out good and the eyes aren’t bad and those are the parts I was focused on. Am attempting to do a painting of Storm, but wanted a little practice, a little refresher, since I haven’t picked up my art supplies in a year, probably. Was thinking of doing something with the lightning being commanded by her, but then realized it would be eerily similar to a Castel piece I did a few years back. Like I apparently really like painting lightning, Idek. Anyway, sharing this piece, in part to procrastinate getting up and going to get some more of my supplies to start on the bigger piece, but also because I need to share more of my art around here, even the stuff that is only so-so. (I know, no one is a bigger critic of their art than the artist themselves.). So here, have some Storm.



Alright, procrastination over. Off to my closet to get more supplies.

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