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Dad Day!

Spent a few hours at Dad’s this Father’s Day. Brought him his favorite pizza - which I’m not a huge pizza fan, but damn do they make a good pizza. We took him a Fuchsia plant. Told him we’d also got him a cribbage set, but then realized he has Grandpa Lynn’s old board — which is in the shape of a toilet seat/lid — so instead I said, “My gift to you is that I bought Sis & I a cribbage set so you can teach us how to play!” Lol. We have The Nephew this week, so we took him with us. We ended up playing euchre, a long standing tradition in our family gatherings, euchre tournaments. I learned how to play in the 4th grade. I was 9. We taught TN how to play - he’s 12, so long past due for a kid in our family to learn to play euchre! TN caught on fast. He & Sis whooped me & Dad.

It was a nice Father’s Day with Dad! (But I remember how hard Mother’s Day was for me this year, so if you’re missing your dad or father figure this year, I feel for you and I’m sorry.). Anyways I hope you’re all good & I know I’m behind on comments, replies and my Flist. I hope to get to all that later this week/next week. We shall see!

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