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30 July 2018 @ 04:53 pm
Well, Hi There!  
Omg, it's been so long since I've posted. The summer has gotten away from me. It's been full of houseguests & niblings, non-stop. I have tabs open from like May to comment on all your posts & I've just never gotten around to it. I've lost track of my Flist. I'm behind on Tumblr shit too. There has just been too much irl socializing. In Michigan, we hibernate all winter & party all summer long! But I do *hope*, at least, to get back on a semi-reasonable track with my social media, as summer winds down here. I hope you've all been well. Please drop me a comment & tell me how your summers have been going - I want to know!

ION, we had a scare with Winston, my mom's old man dog, the other day. I thought I heard him miss his step off my bed, early in the morning. Sis found him a bit later on the living room floor, unable to stand up. I was sure he'd hurt his leg when he missed the step, but when he did finally get up, he was titling to one side. Sis was convinced he had a stroke. We got him into the vet a few hours later & by then he was able to stand and take a few shaky steps on his own. The vet said no broken leg, just a sprain, but yes, he was leaning to one side. She said it was vertigo - common in elderly pets. She put him on a super decongestant. When I heard the medication name, I was like, "Hey, that's what I take for my vertigo episodes!" Lol. Winston & I are now on 2 of the same medications. Within in 36 hours, he was almost completely back to normal. His only issue now - 2 days & some change out from it - is he seems to be a bit dizzy when he goes from laying to standing, which is normal with vertigo. He will be 15yrs old in October, so age is finally starting to weigh him down. I am just so glad it wasn't a stroke. I know we will be lucky to get another year with him, but so suddenly like that when he had been just fine the day before, I wasn't prepared. Thank goodness he seems to have bounced back.

Lastly, I thought I'd share with you the review for "Gifted" I put up on Twitter & FB last night. I highly, highly recommend you all watch it. If you don't have HBO, find it some other way. It will be worth your trouble. It's about an uncle raising his genius niece & fighting a custody battle with his mother over her. **Still sniffling. Just finished watching “Gifted” starring Chris Evans & it was beautiful. Tears of despair, then tears of happiness. Was a cleansing cry, think I needed that. Also, McKenna Grace was the lead little girl in it & she was absolutely amazingly brilliant. Available on HBO, go watch!** (Sidenote: Chris Evans should always have a beard. Always). ;)

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Shireboundshirebound on July 30th, 2018 11:22 pm (UTC)
OMG, you must have been so scared about Winston! Pippin is 10, and I'm seeing subtle changes in her behavior; you remind me to watch her even more carefully for any physical changes. I'm so glad Winston is doing relatively well. It's a hoot that you and he take the same medication!

I watched the "Gifted" about six months ago, and enjoyed it. It has the feel of a small, intimate film with wonderful acting, script, and directing. And a happy ending, whew! I was quite worried for awhile.

So glad to hear from you! It's hard for me to believe that it's a year since we moved from California to New Jersey. What a jam-packed year it's been!

Jo Ann: Summer: strawberriesyeuxdebleu on July 31st, 2018 12:24 am (UTC)
We get HBO and I recorded "Gifted" several weeks ago, but haven't watched it yet. Thanks for your thoughts about the movie.

Very glad to hear that Winston is better.

This year has simply flown by for me, too, especially summer. I find it very hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of July.
lindahoyland: Ginger Boyslindahoyland on August 1st, 2018 04:53 am (UTC)
Good to see you.