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Cosplaying Clothing!

I was pimping this stuff out on Twitter & Tumblr, in support of the artists who designed these awesome pieces of clothing that Sis & I wore to Motor City Comic Con this year. Thought some of you nerds would like to see too! Hope my pimping gets them both a customer or two.

Me at Motor City Comic Con this May. Check out my Kaylee Frye dress! I wanna pimp the etsy artist who did it - it’s amazing & if you wanna do a Kaylee outfit, go for this. I got tons of compliments on it, including Michael Rosenbaum who said, “Omg, you’re the shit!” & a woman in her own fantastic Kaylee outfit who kept telling her husband, “I want that dress for my birthday. Understand?” I think he got the message, lol! I rec you go one size up though, as the material clung a bit in the chest area. Also I added brown leggings & a ‘tool belt’ made from a chain belt & mini tool keychains. It was a fun outfit! You can find it for sale here — (can’t get the coding to work, so here’s the straight link —”

I bought my sis this for our Stephen Amell photo op back in May. She loved it & fit great. Only downside was that I had to listen to her running around the house yelling, “You have failed this kitty!” for like 2 days straight. LOL. Link to buy the shirt — I give up on coding entirely —

Geek clothing is the best!

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