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So, My Brain Did A Thing.

I just suddenly remembered that I woke up in the middle the night and made notes about a dream I had. So in the dream [personal profile] dugindeep and I were watching TV and a commercial came on for a new musical and I said, “Oh yeah, I heard about this, but I didn’t know they had made it.” It was a new musical that was going to premier live on TV and then, if it did well, it was going to become a Broadway musical.

It was a cross between Beauty & the Beast meets Jurassic World, that’s how it was billed. It was starring Jensen Ackles in the lead, but like as...idk The Beast? The Beauty? It also starred Chris Pratt, Emilie de Ravin, Will Farrell, Rob Schneider, Kristen Bell, David Bowie... ‘s ghost? Lin Manuel Miranda, Lauren Graham, Kevin Nealon, Matthew Fox, Joseph Gordon Levitt & Michelle Williams. Those are all the ones I can remember anyways.

At one point it had three SNL guys in a row, Kevin Nealon, Rob Schneider, and a faceless guy I think may have been Jason Sudeikis. They were old timey radio announcers and Joe DiMaggio had died and was donating his organs and so they were announcing every time another of Joe DiMaggio’s organs was placed with a recipient. “Joe DiMaggio’s liver! Dunduh. Joe DiMaggio’s spleen! Dunduh.”

Another line I recall in the musical, that was being sung, was...”This tastes like Chris Pratt fell...from a Sharknado.”

Jensen looked freaking amazing and he was singing and I turned to [personal profile] dugindeep and said, “I think I will die if I see this. Then I’ll be reborn again just so I can see it again and die again.”

She said, “You know you can just tell them you’re dying and it’s your last wish for you & your friend — I said *you & your friend* — to see this live. It won’t be a lie really, if you then do die from seeing it, right?”

So that happened in my brain. My sister says I took too many drugs in my goth phase.

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