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15 September 2018 @ 03:01 pm
Unicorns Shouldn’t Be Scary.  
Welp. This just walked into my bedroom. I looked up & it was standing there. I always tell people how happy I am to live with my sister. Today she made that a lie.

She says she’s wearing it to hand out candy on Halloween. So I have to think of a costume that would go with a giant unicorn head. She claims she’s just going to wear work clothes with it, but I’ll see if I can convince her to at least get a rainbow cape.

Unfortunately I have to have a tooth pulled the day before Halloween, so I’m not gonna be feeling super great. Luckily it’s just a regular tooth, not impacted or a wisdom tooth or anything. Still, nothing will keep me from celebrating Halloween! You all know that’s true. What about you all - thought about your Halloweens yet?

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