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‪Into The SpiderVerse is...beyond words. A perfect final project for Mr. Stan Lee to go out on. It made my little 7 year old Spidey fangirl heart come alive. My Feels, you guys. My Feels.

Also, if you can see it in 3D, do so. It wasn’t showing in 3D anywhere even kinda close to around here, so we couldn’t, but now I wish we’d at least made the 30 minute drive to the theater with the huge ass screen. The animation, the effects, the swinging through the air - the bigger the screen, the better.

You will also spend much of the movie being driven up the wall trying to place all the voice actors. *Everyone* does a voice in this. Plus, great soundtrack, truly.

So many amazing Spideys. A Stan Lee cameo - “He and I were friends, you know.” I had to bite down to keep from sobbing out loud, “We know you were, Stan. We know you were.”

And yes, stay to the very, very end.

This movie.

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