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Family Fun Time!

Unfortunately I can’t post the pictures that go with this story here - I did post them on Facebook because the niblings parents allow that, but I don’t post their pics here because they don’t know any of you & my brother is understandably cautious. My rule has always been no pics of anyone without their - or their parents’ - permission. But I wanted to share the story, because I am so proud of The Nephew (12 now) & Niece (almost 6).

This weekend we had special family fun time at the arcade! Our local bowling alley has a new arcade, about 30 games or so, pretty cool. We had the kids for a few days over Christmas break, so we took them and we all had fun! Here’s the best story though...

The Niece wanted to play a racing game, so Sis & I took her over to one. Nephew was walking past as we did & he said, “She might not be able to reach the pedals,” like that’s happened to her before. So I had her check & she couldn’t really reach. She started to stand up and I thought she was leaving the game because she couldn’t reach. But instead she stood up just enough for Nephew to slide in behind her, so she could sit on his lap. He never said a word & neither did she, they just *knew* this routine like they’d done it before. He did the gas pedal & the turbo and she steered the car. They were having so much fun! Without hesitation, Nephew just stopped what he was doing to help his little sister.

Also while Sis & I were playing air hockey, Nephew took Niece to play a few games because she was bored waiting on us. They even played skeeball together & took turns rolling the balls. I was so proud of them both for being such loving siblings to each other.

Thank you, The BFF, for taking pictures of them playing the racecar game together, and Sis & I watching and grinning, capturing a moment of pure family love & fun! Of course, as we were getting our coats on to leave, I asked Niece if she had fun and she said, “Yes, I did! I liked this place! Now I’m ready for spring break.” Because for spring break we are taking them both to Great Wolf Lodge, lol. Christmas break was over in that moment & she was ready for her next big family fun time to begin!

I’m exhausted after 3 straight days of kids up in here, followed by a D&D gaming session over Skype with The Canadians, but it was a great week. Tomorrow I have a string of dr appointments, but Tuesday I finally will get to rest, lol.

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