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Ringing In The New Year!

‪Closing out the year the same way I spent about 50% of it...yep, I’m in bed already at not quite 9pm. Got up for a dr appt at 8:30am, which most of you know is 4 hours too early for me. Then spent all morning being poked & prodded by drs & techs, so I just came home after, slept, canceled physical therapy, watched Sharknado 5 instead. Now I’m ready for bed. Gonna close out the year with Seth Cohen’s favorite Sylvester Stallone movie, Over The Top, and then go to sleep before midnight. I’m not lame, I’m 40, people.

Also, fyi, I saw someone say “They say what u do at midnight is how you'll spend the new yr”.
I’m legit gonna be asleep w Law & Order: SVU on in the background so, yep, this seems accurate.
Statement now verified by science!

Goodnight & Happy New Year, ya’ll!‬

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