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I’m A Published Author!

I keep trying not to interject (Self) Published Author when I say it, bc fuck it, I worked my ass off, I don’t need no qualifiers! Ya’ll my book is out in paperback! MY BOOK, MINE! I did it, I’m an author. Omg. I’m stuck alternating between running around screaming excitedly at top of my lungs and flopping down boneless & relieved of all cares in the world. And bonus, now I can focus on other things for a change, like disability blogging more, art projects, answering journal comments lol, and idk, writing my next book. Anyways, here’s the write up for those of you *not* following my professional FB - why aren’t you? It’s Westword Books on FB, go Follow! - ...

..........’s RELEASE DAY! As I type this, Terrific Tails: Stories From A Pet Guardian has officially been out in paperback for nearly 8 hours! At last! 3 years & 2 months for this project, which not only included the book itself, but also the beginning of this fun, family charity project, Westword Books! What a ride! And it’s just the beginning.

But for now, you can go to Amazon & buy Terrific Tails in either paperback or ebook. Or both - buy the print first & then you should receive an offer to get the ebook for a near 50% discount! Don’t forget the money goes to our local Humane Society, as well as our author offering to match $1 for each book sold in the month of February to go to a local, animal outreach program. A good book for a good cause!

And if you want, Amazon has an offer - scroll down on Terrific Tails’ Amazon page to see the ‘about author’ section - to Follow our author, Adie Weston, on Amazon so that they will alert you every time she has a new book come out.

We sincerely & whole heartedly hope you enjoy this book! If you do, tell your friends. Tell your Facebook, your Twitter, your book club. Tell us - we’d love to hear about your favorite stories in the book! In fact, we may do a post in a few weeks asking you just that very thing. You can also leave reviews here or on Amazon - the more reviews we get, the higher we go in search engines, after all.

Once again, thank you & enjoy!

Terrific Tails: Stories From A Pet Guardian on Amazon:


Thank you to all my DW/LJ/Fandom peeps for all of your support over the years with my writing. You helped guide & nuture me and I will *always* be grateful for that. Now...GO BUY MY BOOK!

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