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Everything Is Awesome!

Just got back from seeing The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Usually no way a sequel is as good as the original, but this one I would say is like 90% as good, that’s my official review number, 90%. And only loses those 10% bc the first had that reveal & going into the 2nd one you already know the reveal, so there’s nothing left to reveal. But it was awesome. Not awesome all of the time, that’s a completely unrealistic expectation. (See the movie, you’ll get that joke.). Also they give mad props to my girl, Wyldstyle (yes I wore my Wyldstyle tee to the movie, as you see in this selfie. Yes it’s actually a pajama shirt & yes it has holes in it, but no, I don’t care.). Also, Tiffany Haddish - girl, I’d marry you, you slay.

👍🏼👍🏼 do recommend for all ages of fun!

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