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Fic Art!

Mostly just so casiedearestfic knows I didn't forget her birthday and also, to tease the shit out of her...

So - Sunday the 17th was casiedearestfic's birthday. And I love her. And she gave me this great prompt a while ago - by which I mean we were discussing rare pairs and I made a joke about Jensen/Rob - (of which I had never thought about or heard of until that exact second the words were falling out of my mouth) - and she was crazy about the idea. And then there was a conversation about how awesome a Stoned!Jensen would be...and the next thing I know she is yelling about Jensen/Rob with Stoned!Jensen.

And, since she owns my ass...I started writing. I wrote like 2,000 words and thought I was halfway done. And then I wrote 2,000 more words and realized I wasn't done yet. And now it's another 2,000 words until the end. At least. It's becoming like an entity unto itself.

It's Stoned!Jensen's fault. He is way too much fun to write.

Also, one of those things has happened, where certain characters I didn't know were going to be together, slip in behind the scenes - (some of them are not even in the damn story) - and some original characters keep trying to steal the scenes from Rob...

And I'm really enjoying writing it, but casiedearestfic, baby, it ain't done yet.

Hang in there.

And in the meantime...

Snippet from "Better Off Now".


“What’s going on?” Jensen asks.

“Nothing. I think I got that part in that sci-fi thing.”

“Dude! Cool beans.”

“Did you just say cool beans?”

“Shut it, Benedict. My mama says cool beans.”

“You are so southern when you’re stoned.”

“Yeah, the three S-es. Southern when I’m sleepy, stoned or having sex.”

Rob totally does not make a strangled noise at that information. “Good to know,” he says and thinks his voice mostly sounds normal.

Except maybe not, because Jensen is laughing again.


Also, enjoy this art I made for the fic. Look at the pretty.

And, casiedearestfic, I hope your birthday was everything wonderful that you deserve and all the whipped cream on top!! LOVE YOU, BABE!

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