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Code Black, The Documentary.

Code Black is leaving Netflix on Monday, April 1, here in the U.S. & if you can watch it before then, you should. It’s a documentary about emergency medicine, emergency room doctors, a new generation of doctors, county hospitals & how they’re run & how they’re funded, the healthcare system in America, and how doctors in emergency rooms - and even more specifically *county hospital emergency room* doctors - feel about the healthcare system in America. I didn’t agree with everything they had to say, but I found it all fascinating, especially as a person who’s been the patient on the other end multiple times. These doctors basically think nothing - lack of insurance, hospital overhead, staffing, regulations - should get in the way of patient care ... and that I did agree with.

Also of note, the cute blond doc in the film is actually the director as well. He wanted to highlight the struggles of the healthcare system in a place like LA County hospital, so he made a movie. It was executive produced by Marti Noxon, so we can thank her for helping this film see the light of day.

In sum: Code Black, the documentary, available on Netflix until April 1. Go watch it.

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