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Spring Break 2019!

A week ago today I was on spring break with Sis & our friend [personal profile] hiyacynth, + her son Munchy P (8), & The Niece (6) & Nephew (nearly 13) Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH. I give GWL double thumbs up on both accessiblity & entertainment.

Once you are there, no reason to ever leave the resort the whole stay. The indoor water park has a pool, hot tubs for adults & kids, lily pad obstacle, clubhouse, gadget sprays that come on with pullies & levers, plus multiple water slides. Kept the kids entertained all day. The Niece insisted I “follow her!” so The Nephew pushed my wheelchair behind her while she pulled every lever to spray us! Also I definitely did the 700 gallon bucket dump. And I definitely screamed my whole way through it. And then I definitely got into the hot tub after that.

There’s also a treasure hunt - it’d be better if you earned something for completing it, but it was still fun, pointing our wands at all the animated tech paintings & pieces, getting them to activate.

Also an arcade where I discovered my new fav arcade game - Safari Rescue. Plus they had a cool DC comics fighting game & the Jurassic Park that Sis & I kick butt at. The Niece was rocking the motorcycle game & The Nephew even won a stuffed mer-dog for his sister out of the crane game. And the arcade was open all night, so The Nephew & I *may* have gone to the arcade at 11pm one night like rebels. I swear we were just looking for vending machines, idk what happened! One minute we are looking for chippies & the next we are in the arcade in our pjs!

They even had a bubble dance party, though a certain little miss who’d been excited all day about it, was too tired by the time it rolled around at 7pm to actually dance. There was also a build-a-animal shop, meet the GWL characters event, a candy shop, ice cream shop, pizza parlor. And a restaurant but that was the one thing of GWL that was no good - limited options & poor service. Then back in the room, Munchy P put on a dance show for us, doing a whole routine to Uptown Funk, & I gotta say, the kid’s got rhythm.

Then there’s the most excellent fact of GWL as a resort, which was that *I* could do everything there. It was, in my experience, 100% accessible, which is a rarity. In fact, I haven’t gone with them on spring break before because there is generally not enough of the entertainment options that are accessible, so I would have found myself too much on the sidelines. At GWL, this was not the case at all. Added bonus was The Nephew & I had our own room, so though Sis had to come do ‘dressing-time’ for me, the rest of the weekend TN acted as my caregiver, and just getting that little bit of independence was great - not that I don’t love hanging w Sis, & we def found room for some Sister-Time on spring break - but normally on vacation I *have* to be stuck to her hip, so some independence for me & a break for her, was so nice.

So all in all, a great spring break with some of my fav peeps.

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