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We are getting a new dog! We started looking about a month ago - 6 months after Winston passed. The first dog we liked was a beagle, which I’ve always wanted. But he has seizures and while we were willing to take on a special needs dog, he would have needed an injection right during his seizures, something I am physically unable to do while Sis is at work. So that was Monty & after much discussion with his foster mom, Monty was decided against. Then we looked at another beagle named Phoebe, but she was spoken for. Then we looked at a pug/terrier I believe it was, but she was 8yrs old and a dog of that size would likely only live to 12, putting her at an age where she’d be passing in another 4yrs or so, around the same time we expect Pippin & Kirk to go :(. (They are 10 yrs old now, can you believe it!). All of our previous cats lived to be 13-15yrs old and we didn’t relish the thought of losing 2 cats *and* a dog within a few years of each other. So Charlie was out.

And then we met Hitch. And we actually *met* Hitch, his foster mom brought him for a visit. This is him. We knew right away we wanted him. Pippin & Ripley were both stoked to see a dog again. Kirk, as always, was indifferent. Hiccup was pissed - he is the baby, after all! We decided that day to get him and just had to wait for the new fence to get finished out back. We only had to wait two weeks but it seems like forever.

And now we get him on Saturday! He's a 3yr old rescue, 20lbs, slight limp, possible bulldog/chihuahua/dachshundmaybe/something, came to a MI rescue from TX. Hitch is his current name, he's had it for 6 months, but I not 100% on it, nor a 100% on making him learn a new name. They have no info about his life before the TX rescue, including a name. So the rescue gave him the name Hitch for his injured back leg. But the leg is mostly healed now and I’m just not keen on Hitch bc it always makes me think of that Kevin James/Will Smith movie. Ofc I’ve also been calling him Hitch for 2 weeks now, so idk maybe that’s his name. Here are some name choices, whaddya think?


Weigh in!

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