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Diggle The Dog!

From my FB re the dog’s name: “Well, you people were no help! FB & Journal overwhelmingly said Hitch. Twitter & Tumblr went with Diggle. Everyone at physical therapy was split 50/50 too. However...the name Diggle was for a Green Arrow character. And the comic book writer for whom the character was named? Saw my convo on Twitter, jumped in & asked if he could vote. Obvs he voted for Diggle! So since the namesake himself wants Diggle, we are going with Diggle. (I was leaning that way anyways, but this sealed it!)”

Seriously, you guys, Andy Diggle, who writes Green Arrow & The Losers, to name a few, and who actually has a brother named John, and for whom the Diggle brothers in the Arrow verse are named for? He not only voted on my dog’s name, but has been back in my mentions looking at the dog’s pics & saying, “Give him a scritch for me!” And yes, I’m the girl that decides a dog name on nothing less!


And today, on my pro page: “The Westword Books family - or in this case, the author & editor, who live together 😉 - are happy to welcome a new rescue to their home. Say hello to Diggle, aka Wiggle Diggle, (seen here with our author & on his first day in his new home).

He’s a 3 year old rescue, who traveled from a shelter in Texas to a rescue home in Michigan, before finding his way to the Westword Books family. Diggle, previously known as Hitch, was picked up as a stray with an injured back leg, that has thankfully *mostly* healed up. He was instantly recognized as adoptable, a cuddler & a kisser. He’s a bulldog/daschund/something, with a love for cats, dogs & kids. Perfect for a busy household with lots of guests, like this one. And yes, he is named for John Diggle of Green Arrow and his naming was blessed by John’s namesake, Mr. Andrew Diggle, comic book writer extraordinaire.

Thank you to Animal Aid of Branch County for helping unite us with the newest love of our lives! Welcome to your furever home & family, Diggle! We love you already!“

My new pupper, you guys! If you’re on Twitter or Tumblr, the hashtag will be DiggleTheDog!

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