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Special Day Of All Special Days.

Today is my ninth LJ anniversary. I’ve been journaling via the Internet nine years. Usually I’d do a look back or meme or answer questions or something, bc getting an LJ was one of the most momentous moments in, not just my fandom life, but my whole life. Honestly, in saving my life. I can’t say I’d have stayed sober without it. But the thing is, the day I got my LJ was also important for another reason and that reason was that it was The Nephew’s fourth birthday. He was such a little guy then. And now he’s a big guy, bc today he is 13 years old. So despite it being my own anniversary, I wanna take today to talk about The Nephew.

This past Saturday The Nephew & I went to the movies together, as a little birthday fun for the two of us - (& bc I wanted to see Endgame again, lol). Now you might think, “Ok, don’t you go to the movies at least once a month, what’s the big deal?” Well, the ‘big deal’ is that TN took me to the movies, just the two of us, for the first time ever. I mean, let’s be real, I paid, lol. And Sis drove & dropped us off. But TN? He played caregiver the whole time. He handled my wheelchair, getting the snacks & drinks, getting us into the theater, transferring me in & out of seats, took care of our garbage, picked up things I dropped on the floor - (which, tbh, is a big part of caring for me, I drop a lot of stuff on the floor, lol). He even reminded me to turn off my phone - after we took a selfie, ofc. You know when we went on spring break this year, he handled my wheelchair all weekend, we stayed in our own room together, we snuck off to the arcade together. And he did so good!

And now we’ve been to the movies alone, together, and that’s a huge deal bc it means freedom for us both! No more hoping someone has time to take us to do fun things, now all we need are rides dropping us off/picking us up. Movies? Can do! Arcade? Can do! Mall? Can do! Out to eat? Can do! I mean, it’s not like we can go any damn time we please, like during the day in the week this summer when all our rides are at work, but’s the point that we have the options. And we have those options bc TN has grown into an amazing & responsible young man, who takes good care of me, listens to me, behaves in public & is all around respectful. While also being hella fun, ofc. (He even fixed the back of my hair for me when I got chair-hair from the theater seat headrest - tho he refused to just spit in his hand to pat it down, bc apparently that’s gross).

I can’t believe he’s 13. I can’t believe he’s this grown up. I will always be a little nostalgic for 4yr old TN...but this new young man he’s grown into is gonna be a whole different adventure for us all & I for one am excited as hell to go on it with him! (As long as he doesn’t turn into a stereotypical teen who doesn’t have any time for his aunties & is embarrassed to be seen with us. But that could never happen right? I mean, we are a joy to be around). Happy 13th Birthday, monkey! I love you 3,000.

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