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I Went Off.

I went off on FB when I saw this article. And then copied my rant to Twitter. Because why not. Have yet to see how it goes over, other than getting a Like from my dad. ;) He likes all my original posts, even when it’s something we disagree on, because he says, ‘but you write your opinions so well!’.

My venting: “I get that this is an art piece, but I hate stuff like this. Listen, technology is a gd godsend, okay? It gives me a social life when I’m homebound, connected me with writing groups that have improved my writing & helped me get published, it lets me help disabled folks in need of support & advocacy in my free time, it lets me play Dungeons & Dragons & have a relationship with my niblings who live in a whole other country.

People that call out photos of others with devices in their hand as, “lonely or withdrawn or detached” or whatever, without knowing the context of the photos, annoy me to no end. If these photos were real & not art pieces, and they were lambasted for not “putting away their screens”, - as I have seen time & time again, ironically on social media - I’d say, “How do you know what they’re doing?” Those bro-dudes could be looking up how to safely start a charcoal grill. That couple on the porch could be frantically texting loved ones trying to get an update on a sick grandparent. Those boys on the couch could be playing an online video game *together*. That little girl could be watching a cartoon that is teaching her colors with a parent, only to ask, “How many shades of blue are there?” & now her parent is looking it up for her.

I get it’s Art, okay. But it’s infuriating Art, because it reinforces the notion that tech separates us, makes us farther from each other. It can. But it can also educate us, bring us closer together & improve our lives. And articles (and art) saying differently, just makes the person seem like an old disgruntled grandpa waving a broom at all the kids to get off his lawn. It’s 2019, y’all - tech isn’t going anywhere.”

I hate giving QZ the click for this lazy & uninspired article, but whatever, here you go:

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