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Rest Well, Uncle John.

On Sunday my family held a celebration of life for my Uncle John. He left a hole in this family & I am heart-crushed at the loss. I am eternally grateful though, that not only did he get a chance to read my book before he passed, but that he also thoroughly enjoyed it! It gave me a lot of pride to have his stamp of approval. I was literally busting the day my aunt sent me this pic of Uncle John reading my book. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Rest well, Uncle John. Rest well.

But the other thing his memorial had me thinking of - the thing I wished I’d told him - was that his fight in life was an inspiration to me. And I don’t mean against the cancer - though that too - but I mean through every struggle he faced since Day 1 and his ability to get & stay sober, to turn his life inspired me beyond measure when I was getting my own life back on track. I’m not one to talk about emotional family things, so when I get asked on my inspiration for staying sober, I say things like Robert Downey Jr - and that’s true too - but also you, Uncle John. Always you. So thanks for that. I’ll miss you.

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