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I’m On It!

I’m so on it this year! Christmas shopping is done. Most of it has arrived & is already wrapped. Just waiting for the tree to go up the day after Thanksgiving so I can put them where they belong. I’m still waiting on 3 gifts (have the wrapping paper cut & ready for them!), as well as 3 stocking stuffers for the fur bbs & 2 stocking stuffers for Sis, to arrive. Usually I do all my shopping on the 1st of December, but last year because I knew I would be laid up in December from my November hip surgery, and unable to open packages & wrap things, I did it all in October & I really liked just having it done with so early. So I guess this is how I roll now. Go me!

Things of note: Sis had to throw out a bunch of her geek tees because a certain someone /coughhiccupcough/ put holes in them all because he clings to her like a red panda. And she just went out & bought a stack of cheap, boring, plain tees to replace them. But the next week one of the places I buy geek tees from had a sale, so I went wild & bought her a stack of awesome tees & they’ve been waiting for Christmas in my closet since September. Then oddly she sent me a tee she saw online & was like, “Get me this for Christmas!” so I got her that tee too. I also threw in a how-to make-your-own fairy-house book because she keeps saying she wants a fairy garden next year.

The Nephew is 13, and while still a big geek, is also starting to develop his own personality & ‘cool’-vibe. His dad said he wanted band tees for Christmas, so I found a sneaky way to get a list from TN of his fav bands. The Beastie Boys was on the list. You guys, BBoys totally shaped me as a tiny human person when I was TN’s age. I had multiple BBoys shirts in junior high & high school. Obviously that’s what I ended up getting him, a No Sleep Til Brooklyn tee. I’m so overwhelmed with pride about how he’s gonna be walking around sporting a Beastie Boys tee as the coolest kid in his school, even if those other kids don’t know it (they never recognized how cool I was at 13 in my junior high either, pffft). Anyways, super proud auntie.

I got my little brother, our resident handyman that he is, a magnetic wrist cuff to stick his nails & screws too so he doesn’t drop them all the time while on a job. And Sis & I went in together to get Dad an iron works art piece, a Welcome sign for the house with a black lab dog (Dad’s current & former dogs being black labs), that was made by the little girl (now 37 year old woman) who lived next door when we were growing up & who spent nearly as much time with us as she did her own family. Dad is gonna be ecstatic to have a piece of her work.

But my best find was the dog toy for Diggle, a talking Mr Bill plushie. I’m keeping it a secret from Sis because she loves Mr Bill. And yes, when you squeeze him, he says Oh Noooo. I texted a photo to Sis’ college roommate who assured me it’d be the best present Sis, er Diggle, gets for Christmas.

Can’t wait for Christmas now - my fav part has always been buying gifts for others. If you wanna make someone’s Christmas special, think of picking some stuff off of one of Little Miss Flint’s Christmas drive wishlist to help out the kids of Flint, MI. They were already one of the poorest cities in the country, even before their water turned poison. Help them have a magical Christmas!

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