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Cruise, Day One.

I have been home one week, and I took notes everyday, so gonna try to stick with posting one of these for every day of the cruise. We will see if I stick with it. Photos to come once my sibs & I get our acts together & do a Dropbox share with each other. Also T is The Canadian Nephew & he’s 8, & L is The Canadian Niece & she’s 10,

February 29, 2020...Day One: I’m gonna be straight up you guys, Day One started at 3 AM when I had to get up to get ready to go to the airport - thanks to Uncle B for taking us at four in the morning. Also props to Delta airline for being so disability friendly, helping us out so well, and not damaging either of my mobility devices. I only had to tighten the screws on my walker when I got it back and my transport chair was just fine. I hear Delta is pretty good about these things, but I was still nervous because 29 wheelchairs a day get lost or broken traveling by air. Anyways I only had four hours of sleep and then I went for 20 hours straight. I had a little in and out dozy nap on the plane and had another one in the early evening, but for most of that time I was upright. So I’ll be honest that my body totally revolted in the middle of the night, for about three hours straight everything inside me just broke down. But that’s okay, because in the morning on day 2, I woke up and we were sailing through the middle of the ocean and T was standing next to my bed with the biggest grin on his face just staring at me. Which is kind of how he looked all day on the first day. He just kept saying “I can’t believe we are finally on the cruise! I can’t believe we’re on vacation with you!” And L kept saying “I’m so happy to see you in real life, we only ever get to see you on the screen, we hardly see you in real life.” The TV monitors on the bus ride to the port didn’t work, and I lamented that we didn’t have any cartoons to watch, and L said, “That’s okay, we don’t need cartoons,we are just talking to each other the whole time.” Which was true, L and I sat next to each other on the bus ride from the airport and we talked to each other for the whole 45 minutes straight and that was kind of amazing too. It’s the little things. I was so happy to be with them.

Another thing my body revolted about was the food, because I am not used to eating food that rich, but holy moly that salmon tartare was totally worth it /drool/. And I love how the waiters are trained to interact with the kids. Our assistant-waiter was named Christian and he folded up the napkins into a sailor hat and a Minnie bow and put them on the kids heads and kept teasing T that “I can tell you’re going to be the trouble one”, which T loved. T and Christian were best friends by the end of the first dinner. The kids were also learning about all the different countries, so every time we met a new person who worked on the staff, T would immediately grab at their name placard on their chest because they all said their names and the country they were from. The guy who was our host for our room was from Indonesia, and then one of our waiters was from Indonesia, and Christian was from South Africa, and we met another guy from Columbia, and then the restaurant host was from Romania and said he was from the same city that Dracula was from, so the kids said they were going to be watching to see if he was a vampire. L was brave enough to try mine and Sis’ fancy drink, which had pina coloda in it.

T had a serious case of FOMO all day, because he wanted to do everything on the first day and he kept dragging us from one thing to another and he said he was never going to sleep and wanted to go to a movie at 10:45 at night, lol, so CBro took him up to the deck for the movie and they came back about 20 minutes later. They did not last very long, lol. That kid was so tired. Li was tired too but she had the common sense to stay in the room with the ladies & watch cartoons instead of going to a movie at 10:45, lol.

I’m going to be straight up though you guys, the dance party, the ocean, Mickey Mouse, warm weather... none of it was anything to that moment in the Orlando airport when we were sitting waiting and then all of a sudden we saw two children running towards us with their arms outstretched. That was my favorite moment of the first day. I’ve never had anyone running towards me with their arm outstretched, so happy to see me they have to run to hug me. I seriously love these kids, oh my God. I love the feeling all my niblings give me, to be honest. I want to marry that feeling.

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