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Cruise, Day Two.

March 1, 2020...Day 2: Day 2 started out perfect, even though it was super early in the morning, because I woke up sailing through the middle of the Caribbean with T standing next to my bed grinning like a lunatic. The kids ordered me room service, because that’s “fancy” and “what rich people do” - & it’s all inclusive on Disney cruises. Then T was insisting he needed to go to the pool *immediately*, but when he put on his swimsuit it didn’t fit, so we all went down to the store. I got water shoes because L explained to me all the things they are good for and I decided she made a good points. We also bought magnets for our room door, to decorate it. Also I called for a pool lift, but they said it can only go in the adult pool. I swore it was portable and could go to any pool - that was a selling point of Disney cruises for me. Needless to say I was very, very bummed. We went down to the family pool though and I lounged outside and I definitely got some nice sun. Plus there’s a movie screen by the pool, so I watched The Incredibles while I got sun.

CBro and L went to do the Aquaduck - yes *duck* - which is a giant tube slide that goes all the way around the ship & even hangs out over the ocean a smidge. You sit in a raft and it flows water and splashes on you - look on YouTube for video, you won’t be disappointed. CBro said he thought it’d be scary but it wasn’t. L said it was *amazing*, but I can’t convey through typing the voice she said the word ‘amazing’ in. So yeah, it apparently was *amazing*. She was damn brave to do it! T wouldn’t get into the pool by himself, so when CBro came back from the slide he took both the kids into the pool. T said it was too crowded and there was no place to swim. Apparently he is an actual swimmer who does laps and everything - I never knew, he used to hate getting in pools! Guess he thought that’s what the pool would be like, like a pool in a hotel that he can swim in, but of course there were 4,000 people on the ship, so it was crowded and really just a place for you to splash around and play. So he got back out. He was very upset about the whole pool situation. And I was very upset about my pool lift situation. We decided everyone was cranky, so we went and got some food and then we all felt better. Tbh, some of the best times were just sitting around a food table, talking to each other, I swear.

After that we all took little laydowns. CBro sat in a chair on our deck in the sun and fell asleep watching the ocean go by. Later we went and saw this funny guitar guy who did like comedy + music. He took requests from the audience and he tried to play the songs even if he didn’t know them and he made up his own lyrics. It was kinda like watching Sis sing for the cats if she knew how to play the guitar, lol. Iirc, his name was John Charles. Then we went back to the room and took naps. Well, the adults took naps, the kids watched a movie and refused to sleep. Then we got dressed in our fancy clothes and Sis and L and I played salon in the room. I was the makeup artist, L was the haircolor girl, and Sis was the hairstylist (aka she brushed our hair for us). I got new easy-to-use hair chalk that looked great. L even put just a little bit of unicorn snot on, some color in her hair & lipstick - she looked gorgeous, ofc. She actually did my hair colors all week, so when pics go up, lmk if you like my coloring! Then we went down to the Walt Disney Theatre and watched the Aladdin live stage show, which was amazing. I saw it the last time we were on a cruise, but I forgot how funny the magic carpet was. And Jafar’s evil laugh was scary. L said the flying carpet scene really looked like they were flying, which is true.

Then Sis and L and I went and got our picture taken with Minnie - she was in her fancy night clothes too! While we were waiting for Minnie, we ran into Belle - she just happened to walk right past us, so L got her picture taken with her. And earlier in the day Ariel got off the elevator right in front of us, so L got a picture taken with her too. L was just getting lucky all day! It was Fancy Night because it was the night the captain and the crew put on their dress uniforms and come out and greet everyone. While we did that, CBro took T to the pool because most people were at dinner, so it was pretty empty. When the boys were coming back from the pool they ran into Pluto and Stitch! Then we went to dinner at the Enchanted Garden, which is a beautiful restaurant that has flower lamps hanging from the ceiling that bloom, like the lamps literally bloom open. And the sky above us, which was a bunch of leaves and flowers, changes. It’s like a screen, but like it changes to the night sky and it literally looks like you’re sitting outside. It was cool.

Then we went to a game show, but you had to be able to do stuff in English so the kids could not play it, but we watched and it actually was pretty funny. It was called “So You Think You Know Your Family” and they pulled a parent and a kid from the audience, four sets, and have them compete against each other, kind of like The Newlywed Game. That ended at 11pm, we were party animals! T was still insisting that he wasn’t tired, but I think he was the first one of us to fall sleep, LOL. That was a huge day and that wasn’t even the biggest day we had on the cruise!

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