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Updates...and Look! Look!

First, my sister saw her cat today and Zippo is doing much better. My sister says the swollen stomach is way down. But Zippo still won't eat and until she does, she can't come home. Hopefully one more day of IV fluids will give her enough strength to eat and she can come home before the weekend.

My mom was apparently at the vet today to get medicine for her dog and asked to visit with Zippo. So they took her in the back and told her how Zippo wouldn't eat. My mom says, "Oh, well, last year when she had that sore in her mouth, she had to be fed with a baby spoon. She had a bib. Here let me show you." (btw, yes, last year Zippo had a sore in her mouth and we fed her with a baby spoon and a bib and then she wouldn't eat any other way for weeks, lol). But here, I can give my mom props - she made a stink over my sister's cat and then tried to help the nurses get her to eat. This makes me happy.

On the other father sent me an email today. I was afraid to open it and then when I was some youtube clip of some dog doing a trick that he had been telling me about during the dinner from Hell. "here's the dog video I was telling you about - hahaha." He has no idea that he said or did anything offensive. Which is just frustrating beyond belief.

Now - I was over on today - (as I seem to be everyday for some reason or another) - and I saw the following things:

Dule Hill is their interview of the day - and he talks about how you can use IMDB to settle a bet on whether or not he, Dule Hill, played Bud on "The Cosby Show". So, do you know the answer? It's a cute interview and I love Dule's sexy-head and voice. Go watch it!

Trailer for the new Simon Pegg movie, "Paul". It certainly won't be "Shaun of the Dead" (nothing will), but it looks utterly ridiculous in a good way. Plus, Jason Bateman...can't have enough of him. See Paul here.

And there is a new spot out for Harry Potter. OMG YOU PEOPLES, I AM EXCITE!!!! I LITERALLY CLAPPED MY HANDS!!! See Harry Potter excitement here.

Thank you to everyone who sent me hugs and cupcakes and good wishes yesterday! I was surprised at how much better that made me feel - just to get it out there and receive so many virtual hugs in return. Seriously.

And since it is now officially Friday - HAPPY SUPERNATURAL DAY TO YOU!!!
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