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We're The Monster Squad & Buffy & then some Writing Blah...

See my "Monster Squad" icon? It was made by bloodyretro, and I love it. Go check out bloodyretro's icons for some Halloween/Horror goodness.

Anyway, that's Eugene in my icon and he gets shit done. I remember my brother and I watching that movie so much when we were younger. And when The Boy Cousin was about 5, my mother bought it for him for Christmas one year, because she remembers my brother loving that movie.

Only now I also have it, on DVD, and I am under the current belief that my mother never actually watched "Monster Squad" all those times that she let us watch it. These are the most fouled-mouthed, ill-behaved, politically incorrect (even for that era) children ever. And Rudy, at least, is pretty damn sex-crazed. It may be appropriate for a 12 year old. Not an 8 year old, which is what my brother was. And certainly not a five year old. The number of times they say the word "bitch" alone...

Though they do promote being friends with Frankenstein Monster, because it isn't his fault he looks so scary...he was just built that way!

But I look forward to re-watching "Monster Squad" this Halloween. (by which I mean Friday, cuz there is no way I would ever get The BFF and The Sister to watch it with me, so I'll do it while they are at work.)

Buffy #1 - #5...

1) Yep, person on my flist who pointed out to me that they did in fact air "Earshot" months after it was set to air - you are correct. They didn't mention it on the special feature, but it was in the episode commentary. I am pleased by this, because Danny Strong was so great in this ep. So was Sarah actually. And Angel wore his "I wish I were Christian Kane" outfit. And the scene where we get to hear all The Scoobies thoughts was great...especially Oz and Cordelia.

2) I love Danny Strong (Jonathan) so much, but good lord, he is short. And whenever that is apparent - (like when he is standing next to Nicky/Xander) - I can't help but remember that one line from "The Gilmore Girls", wherein Paris is talking about how she went to a family dinner with his family - (what was his character's name on that? Doyle?) - and she was all, "It was like being at a Munchkin convention!" I am five foot tall and I would classify myself as a "hobbit", but Danny is so a Munchkin, it's not even funny. Except that it is. For the record, I have always wanted to marry me a member of the Lollipop Guild - (I also wanted to be a member of the Lullaby League, but that's neither here nor there). That was kind of random...

3) I love Jane Espenson. She is funny and smart and cool. I should not be surprised that she wrote the following episodes..."Earshot", "Band Candy" and "SuperStar". I think her commentary was the best of them all. It wasn't overly funny, which I normally like in a commentary because they are here to dance for me...but it was interesting and she kept up a good flow without it just being the sound of her voice.

4) After we were done with the extras, we may have re-watched the final battle at Graduation Day. When they throw off their robes and they have flame throwers and flaming arrows and all that fire...oh yeah. And Xander being all Edmund, er the General with the orders. And Oz being all Susan, er the lead archer. And then the explosion of awesome...I do have an explosion kink, I do.

5) Someone write me some Larry takes Jonathan's virginity before the big Graduation battle, please. Thank you. LARRY!!! I love you, baby. Remember when Amy is all, "Do you think Larry will ask me to prom?" and Willow has to tell her that she missed prom and Larry is gay and Larry is dead. heehee

Today I had three new ideas for stories that came out of nowhere and one that is now completely written in my head. Yesterday I had two new story ideas. It's like this everyday. Can you believe I am complaining about this?

But you know what I'm going to do with this burst of creativity?


Because I can't seem to actually write any of them. I have a million ideas - (and by a million, I think my list has reached 43 fic plots) - and I can't seem to start any of them. And when I do, I can't seem to finish any of them.

It's frustrating because I am being very creative with the mass plots and shit...and yet also, not creative at all because as soon as I sit down to type, it's all gone. If I could transcribe my thoughts to a computer while in the shower, I'd be golden.

It is totally thundering outside right now. Hey, 13chapters, how is the weather in CA, now that you aren't here with the tornadoes and shit?

Now...someone write me some CW RPS as The Monster Squad kid!fic, k? Great. Christian Kane should be Rudy.
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