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28 October 2010 @ 06:03 am
Thriller - Halloween Vid Recs!!  
Alright - I'm outta here, people. LJ has been a wonderful distraction tonight.

anyothergirl415 was totally cool and awesome - (as always) - and let me groupie the shit out of her all night, so as not to think about sad crap.

What will I do without LJ for a whole weekend and then to have to like time limit my Porn Reading? What? Oh, that's right - NO MORE CONTACT LENS!! YAY!!

(I'm only a tiny bit nervous about the eye surgery. Just a tiny. I'm sure once I stop being all nervous about it - all the rest of this horrible day will hit me. Is it weird that I just, like, buried myself in the internets to deal?)

Anyway, here's the other way I distracted myself all night.

Thriller - Psych Style!

Thriller - Supernatural Style!

Thriller - Scooby-Doo Style!

Thriller - Michael Jackson Style!

Have A Great Halloween!!!