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My Dad's the King of the Vampires, Iron Man 2 slash-tastic & The Lost Island Apartment Complex

Three very important things before I run off to enjoy my holiday weekend.

Glee - Puck can be my baby-daddy any day of the week. I loved this week's episode so fricking much. Tina! Tina! Tina! Finally, some quality stage time and omg Santana rocked on that song and the whole vampire thing was pure genius. Kurt's dad, I heart him so much. That whole scene in the basement bedroom with Finn - the look on all their faces. Oh man, plus the Lady Gaga numbers - I admit to totally having a huge thing about Lady Gaga's music lately.

So, in honor of that, and having not really anything to do with Glee at all, I present you with the fan-made music videos that introduced me to Lady Gaga's music - Supernatural and Star Trek style.

Bad Romance, Wincest of an f-ed up nature, I love this vidder

Poker Face, The Winchester brothers like girls

Not having anything to do with Lady Gaga but totally related to Glee, My Life Would Suck Without Supernatural

The Star Trek Poker Face vid

And last but not least, Misha Collins talks about Glee and what a bad dancer Finn is

Secondly, Iron Man 2 is excellent and filled with slashy goodness. It was better than the first one, if that's even possible. Oh wait, it is possible, because as good as the chemistry was with Terrence Howard - this one has Don Cheadle, in military uniform. And Sam Rockwell, who yeah plays Justin Hammer the arch nemesis of Stark Industries, but dude - it's Sam Rockwell. I was chewing on my straw when he had this little dance scene, and my straw went flying across the room. I nearly died.

The first thing I said as the lights came on was "I have to go home and write Tony/Rhodey slash like right now." At the end, on the rooftop, I thought "Holy shit, there is about to be some threesome-rooftop-sex" cuz dude, seriously. I didn't think it could be better or slashier or more explosions and more funny or anything than the first, and was.

Also - Pepper! I so want to write some femslash - cuz how hot would Pepper be with MoneyPenny from James Bond? Seriously.

And now, an inside look at my crazy brain.

Elijah Wood hosted SNL many years ago and did a skit where Frodo lived in an apartment with Gollum.

Frodo and Gollum live together, sitcom opening title

Sometime later, I dreamed that Charlie and Hurley from Lost were private investigators who also lived in an apartment together.

When I said "It must have been the same complex where Frodo and Gollum live", my friend informed me that Dobby and Kreecher from Harry Potter should have a place there too.

After the reveal of Gabriel on Supernatural, I thought that maybe Castiel and Gabriel should live there too.

And most recently, (yes, this apartment complex has been growing for a long time in my head), a friend pointed out these videos to me and it became clear that a) I would watch Jacob and Smoke (or whatever the hell his name is) in a spin-off series and b) they should live in what I am now calling the Lost Island Apartment Complex.

Video evidence that Jacob and Smoke would make good additions to any community get-together.

Jacob is going to get sued for sexual harrasment if he doesn't knock off the touching

They just want a spin-off!

Antics with a copy machine

So, now I have the almost-complete list:
2A) Frodo and Gollum
2B) Jacob and Smoke
2C) Castiel and Gabriel
2D) Dobby and Kreecher
2E) Charlie and Hurley (and sometimes Sawyer, because he worked with them at the dream-state private investigator office.)

Now, I just need a 2F and I'm all set...

That is all from me and my crack-induced insanity. Everyone enjoy your weekend.
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