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Dodger-Sim Won't Stop Having Babies...

A couple things...

I saw the eye doctor yesterday. They are very happy. The lens is perfectly centered and everything looks good. There is still some minor inflammation, to be expected, and my eye still gets tired and itchy by the end of the day. I hope that will go away, but it always got itchy before too and I was just assuming it was the contact. Maybe it wasn't. Anyway, they don't want to see me for another month, which makes me happy.

So, I have some news on my sister's Dodger-Sim she made.

About two weeks ago, I was dating Shawn Spencer - (He runs a fake psychic detective agency with his BFF, Gus.). We were dating and happy and then I got pregnant. When I went into labor, he came to the hospital. But it took me too long to give birth, so Shawn wandered away.

I had a beautiful baby boy named Charles Henry Spencer - though now I'm thinking Shawn doesn't deserve to get the last name on this kid. Because he never comes to see Charlie. We come home from the hospital, Shawn never comes over. Ever.

So then I go out one day and I run into Logan the Wolverine and immediately we both want to have sex.

So we do.

And then again. And again.

We don't date, he never takes me out, Logan just randomly shows up for sex while Charlie is crying in the next room. In fact, we never date. Ever.

But I do break up with Shawn when I get pregnant with Logan's baby. Shawn is heartbroken, but whatever, he has never even met his son.

Logan loses interest with me after I get pregnant but he totally comes to see his kid when he is born. Another boy, we name Xavier Thomas /insert my last name here because what am I going to use as a last name? Wolverine?/

So now I don't get out so much, with two infants in the house. So then my roommate throws a party. Guess who comes to the party? Shawn Spencer. In fact, Charlie is upstairs crying in his crib and guess what his father and I are doing in the living room? Totally flirting with each other. But then Shawn has to leave - (early meeting or some bullshit) - and I get bored. So I wander around the room and mingle and guess who I meet?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

We start flirting with each other. Then we start making out. Guess who had a baby last night?

(Who is surprised? I mean, we know he spontaneously impregnates women all the time. Apparently neither JDM nor myself have ever heard of a condom or birth control, so...whatever.)

Our son is named James Dean Morgan. (What? James is totally a family name.)

So now I have Charlie and Xavier and James Dean, all infants. So my sister cheats it and ages Charlie up to a toddler because my stress level is through the roof. We throw a birthday party. Guess who comes to the party?

Logan, Jeffrey and Shawn. Oh, now Shawn has a interest in his son.

This morning my sister edited it to kick Misha Collins out of his house. Misha and I have met a few times in passing, and it lists us as acquaintances. But I have an extra room, so once homeless, Misha is more inclined to move in to my house.

And be my Manny. (Which, what a great job for Misha, right?)

I figure, what with Misha now watching all three of my babies, I'll have more time to go get pregnant, I'm sure.

Except Misha puts the babies to bed and then wanders downstairs to eat. I'm down there and I start telling him dirty jokes and he thinks I am hysterical.

Guess who is currently making out on the couch with her Manny, Misha Collins, while the three babies are crying upstairs?

Sometimes I wish my real life even remotely resembled my Sim-Life, because dude, look at that list of baby-daddies. Come on, Misha, let's get pregnant.
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